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Cheese and Charcuterie 101

Cheese and Charcuterie 101

Cheese and Charcuterie are a match made in heaven but it’s not always easy to know which products work best together. Do blue cheeses match well with Parma ham? Should salami ever be served with hard cheese? Allow us to be your guide and take your cheese and charcuterie boards to the next level! 

29 days ago
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Our Best BBQ, Yakinuku and Burgers

Our Best BBQ, Yakinuku and Burgers

It’s BBQ season! When the sun is out there’s nothing better than kicking back with friends as the grill sizzles in the background. Of course, at Fine Food Specialist, we don’t just chuck any old meat on the BBQ: we have spent time sourcing the finest BBQ products, yakiniku meats and burgers to ensure the very best results. Isn’t it about time you moved your BBQ game up a gear?

1 month ago
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steak on a barbecue

The Fine Food Specialist BBQ Guide

Barbecue season! Smoky, grilled meats sizzling away on the grill, a cold brew in hand, and the sun blazing down – what more could you want in the summer? Here at Fine Food Specialist, we are big fans of barbeque and as always, we like to add that gourmet twist. We’ve sourced all the best steaks, burgers, and specialist meats, go explore our fantastic outdoor BBQ dining collection here. For the best summer BBQ recipes check out this blog here and for our top BBQ tip and tricks keep scrolling!

2 months ago
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BBQ Recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen

BBQ Recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen

Who doesn’t love BBQ season? Smoky grilled steaks, juicy burgers, sizzling sausages… There’s so many options and luckily for you we’ve got all of them covered with our extensive outdoor dining collection. Barbequing is a great way to impart flavour and you can really throw anything you fancy on the barbeque from marinated meats to fresh fish. Grilling can help fish cook faster and can also help create a delicious crispy, charred skin on poultry – there’s so many reasons to get stuck in this season! Discover all your favourites and get inspired by our best BBQ recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen! Get the barbeque out and start grilling up some of these gourmet ingredients…

2 months ago
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The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Lamb

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Lamb

Here at Fine Food Specialist, we are passionate about high quality food and we are especially excited about our collection of specialist lamb. We have sourced the finest premium cuts of lamb from Cornwall and France for our customers to enjoy. Lamb is a delicious choice year-round, but it is at its peak during the spring time, it is also a traditional choice for Easter. You can't ever go wrong with a Sunday roast dinner of lamb, and there are plenty of specialist lamb fresh and frozen products for you to choose from. Read our ultimate guide to learn more about how to choose the best cut of lamb, plus we have a few delicious lamb recipes for you to try.

3 months ago
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raw wagyu on marble with rosemary

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Wagyu Beef

Wagyu is widely regarded in the beef industry as a luxury food thanks to its high standards of production, creating a beautiful end product that is enjoyed by many around the world. Wagyu beef has been featured on the menus of many high-end restaurants and is consistently favoured by purveyors of fine food.

7 months ago
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Various cuts of raw meat on baking paper

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Game

Autumn means game season and the arrival of lots of new and interesting meats to play around with. The word ‘game’ defines a group of birds and wild animals, which are hunted by game specialists and prized for their full, rich flavour. Our wide selection of birds, venison, rabbit and hare are just what you need to bring some interest and excitement to a weekday meal or dinner party. 


10 months ago
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Choosing and Cooking the perfect Wagyu Steak

Choosing and Cooking the perfect Wagyu Steak

There are certain food items that seem to go beyond the effect they have on your taste buds. 

Certain foods resonate with us in new and unexpected ways. It may be the location we eat them in, or the people we share them with. Or it could be that the taste is so impressive and memorable that it truly lingers in our minds.

Anybody who enjoys high quality meats will likely have a favourite they go to when they can. And for many people around the world, that favourite will be Wagyu beef.

1 year ago
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red lanterns for chinese new year celebrations

Celebrate Chinese New Year This January

Every year, there are a host of exciting events dotted throughout the calendar. These are the events that help shape every 12 months, and keep us looking forward to what’s around the corner.  But so caught up in our own worlds can we be that it’s easy to forget there are not only other worlds out there, but that there are other calendars out there as well!

2 years ago
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