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scallops, crab, king crab claw, lobster, and prawn spread

The Ultimate Fine Food Specialist Guide to Seafood

Here at Fine Food Specialist, we are passionate about sourcing the best ingredients and new and exciting foods. Our stunning range of seafood is a great source of pride for us, and we love being able to offer some of the finest specialist fish and shellfish to our fantastic customers. This is the Fine Food Specialist guide to seafood featuring everything from sashimi grade fish to exotic delicacies that should be on your foodie bucket list, plus our best seafood recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen. Scroll down to read more…

7 months ago
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Discover Fine Food Specialist’s range of Seafood

Discover Fine Food Specialist’s range of Seafood

There are some things in life that just go hand in hand. Jelly and ice cream for example. Or strawberries and cream. In terms of gourmet food options, the summer months and seafood are exactly the same.

2 years ago
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