Alternative Caviar

Alternative Caviar

The taste sensation of the alternative caviar experience

Our selection of alternative caviars brings a whole new dimension to the experience of delivering great taste sensations in tiny packages. They include a great range of different fish roes and amazing, richly flavoured faux caviar pearls.

Everyday luxury

Due to overfishing of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and UN export bans, caviar has become a rare luxury. For a more regular treat for your taste buds, you can use our delicious alternatives to caviar in just the same way – try them on top of melba toasts or croustades with smoked salmon.

Exciting new flavour sensations

One of the most sought after alternatives to caviar, bright orange salmon roe is large and has a juicy texture with a rich and salty taste. As a fresh treat, try on top of cucumber slices with cream cheese.

Delicious on toasted bread, Spanish avruga is made from herrings to give you notes of smokiness and lemon with a hint of the sea.

Natural Japanese flying fish roe, tobiko, isn’t only for sushi. It has an appealing red-orange color, mild smoky or salty taste and crunchy texture. Flavoured with wasabi, soy or citrus yuzu it can add a whole new dimension to your cuisine.

Bite sized blinis are the perfect accompaniment for the alternative caviar experience and are delicious with all sorts of other toppings too. Add crème fraiche and black or red lumpfish roe as an impressive canape.

Add the rich flavours of smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, sturgeon, aromatic soy, fiery wasabi or the citrus zest of yuzu to any dish with silky, flavoured faux caviar pearls. As a vegetarian alternative to caviar, black truffle pearls will add sophistication to truffle dishes as well as an intense burst of flavour.

You can savour the alternative caviar experience with one of our four alternative caviar taster sets and hampers. Try delicious and completely different fish roes, faux and alternative caviars.

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26 Item(s)

26 Item(s)

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