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Christmas Feast

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  1. Buy Tsar Cut Prime Smoked Salmon Online & London UK
    Tsar Nikolai, Prime Smoked Salmon Fillet, Fresh, +/-350g
    Tsar Nikolai is one of the best smoked salmons available on the market and is one of our top 20 products. It is lightly smoked with beech wood chippings, delivering a subtle and delicate flavour. This sensational smoked salmon melts in the mouth and is perfect sliced up and served with a squeeze of ...
  2. Beetroot Gravadlax, +/-1.3kg
    Beetroot Gravadlax, +/-1.3kg
    The word Gravadlax means grave in Scandinavian. Historically people would wrap salmon fillets in beech bark and bury them in the earth with bricks on top to really help push the salt into the fish and cure it. This beautiful and delicate dish sums up everything we love about Swedish smoked seafood: ...
  3. Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, Fresh, 1kg
    Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, Fresh, 1kg
    Special Price £92.95 Regular Price £112.00
    This terrine of duck foie gras is made from the highest grade duck foie gras available and is an excellent option for serving a small party of guests. The terrine has a rich, succulent taste and melts in your mouth like butter. Lightly seasoned, this Duck Foie Gras A Grade terrine is delicious serve...
  4. Buy Guanciale Cured Pork Cheek Online & in London UK
    Guanciale Cured Pork Cheek, +/-1.5kg
    Guanciale is a type of cured pork cheek bacon. It is a traditional delicacy from the Italian regions of Umbria and Lazio. Guanciale has a much more sweet and intense flavour than its rival, belly bacon, and has a silky golden fat that simply melts in your mouth. Guanciale is primarily used in dishes...
  5. Urbani Black Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Urbani Black Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Treat yourself to this delicious infused black truffle olive oil. Urbani is the leading truffle oil brand on the market and this truffle oil will add a dash of truffle magic to all your savoury dishes...    
  6. Duck Magret, Frozen, +/-425g
    Duck Magret, Frozen, +/-425g
    Special Price £14.95 Regular Price £17.95
    A true Magret de Canard is the breast meat of ducks raised to produce foie gras. The breasts are double the size of wild duck and have a much beefier taste than ordinary duck breasts. Long a speciality of the south-western provinces of France, today magrets are served in restaurants throughout the c...
  7. Buy Deveined Raw Duck Foie Gras Online & in London UK
    Rougie Deveined Raw Duck Foie Gras, Frozen, 500g
    Special Price £38.95 Regular Price £42.95
    Many chefs prefer the richer, gamier, taste of duck foie gras when compared to the smoother flavour of goose foie gras. At Fine Food Specialist, we source flash-frozen lobes, which retain all the integrity of fresh foie gras. These lobes are prepared so that the veins and membrane have been extrac...
  8. Raw Duck Foie Gras, (1st Choice), Frozen, +/-600g
    Raw Duck Foie Gras, (1st Choice), Frozen, +/-600g
    Special Price £39.95 Regular Price £46.50
    A whole lobe of the very finest duck foie gras. This arrives raw and can be cooked to serve on warm toast. This foie gras has a deliciously smooth and buttery in texture that pairs perfectly with crusty bread, lightly season and fry the foie gras to spread over warm ciabatta to enjoy. For even great...
  9. Loch Fyne Side of Smoked Salmon, Long Sliced, +/-1kg
    Loch Fyne Side of Smoked Salmon, Long Sliced, +/-1kg
    Revered the world over, Loch Fyne smoked salmon is produced in the Loch Fyne Smokehouse, located in Cairndow Argyll, beside the renowned Oyster Bar and Restaurant. Fresh salmon fillets are dry cured using traditional methods and smoked over wood chips from retired whisky casks. Classic Smoked Salmon...
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  10. Ultimate Christmas / Boxing Day Hamper
    Ultimate Christmas / Boxing Day Hamper
    Created by Drogo, our founder, this mouth watering gourmet hamper is loaded with some of the finest delicacies known to man. All the flavours and textures associated with Christmas are neatly packaged for you to enjoy at some stage over Christmas. From festive ham to Smoked Duck breast, potted stilt...
  11. Truffle Crisps, 40g
    Truffle Crisps, 40g
    These sumptuous truffle crisps are a snack for the truly posh at heart - a crunch to die for, no hint of dryness and absolute lashings of that smoky gourmet flavour. Be warned, though; once you've started eating them it's very difficult to stop.
  12. Fig Cake with Valencia Almonds, 250g
    Fig Cake with Valencia Almonds, 250g
    Grown on a family-owned estate over six generations, these Valencia almonds are thought of as the very best! With the sweetness of figs, a satisfying crunch from the almonds, and hints of aniseed and cinnamon, it packs a lot of flavour into a small package.
  13. Normandy Butter with Sea-Salt, From Frozen, 250g
    Normandy Butter with Sea-Salt, From Frozen, 250g
    This traditional Normandy butter is salted with sea-salt crystals from Guerande, boasting a rich, smooth texture. Made from the milk of Normandy cows, its sensationally creamy texture is perfect for spreading on hot toast or combined with your favourite French speciality cheese. 
  14. Savoury Fillable Charcoal Mini Canape Cones, x 45
    Savoury Fillable Charcoal Mini Canape Cones, x 45
    These mini cornets, with a charcoal coating, are sure to catch the eye of your guests. The little black cones can be used to encase a variety of delicious fillings – from calamari and lemon, to nduja and goat’s cheese, there is a never-ending list of canape recipes that can be made using...
  15. Magnum of Prosecco
    Magnum of Prosecco
    This 1.5 litre bottle prosecco is perfect for celebrations, pop open at a party to serve as an aperitif alongside charcuterie and cheeseboard nibbles. The fruity sparkling wine also makes a lovely gift.  
  16. Imperial Oscietra Caviar
    Imperial Oscietra Caviar
    From £75.00
    Imperial Oscietra is a high grade caviar, produced by the Siberian Oscietra sturgeon. The eggs are typically medium in size with a firm texture, and the colour may vary from brown to grey. The taste of the caviar is rather refined with a complex flavour profile, offering hints of hazelnut and layers...
  17. Foie Gras Special, 320g
    Foie Gras Special, 320g
    This special set contains the finest AAA Grade foie gras terrine, made to order and velvety smooth. Together with a bottle of sweet tokaji wine, a buttery brioche loaf, and a red knife - this set has everything you could possibly need for a sumptuous foie gras experience. Perfect for treating yours...
  18. Gravadlax, Sliced, Fresh, +/-1.2kg
    Gravadlax, Sliced, Fresh, +/-1.2kg
    For those who love salmon, it doesn't get much better than this gravadlax. This side of salmon is cured in a mixture of salt, sugar and dill to impart flavour and preserve it. Delicate and rich, it almost melts in your mouth and is perfect for starters or canapés. Keep it traditional by serving it ...
  19. Urbani White Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Urbani White Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Over a century ago, Carlo Urbani pioneered Italian truffle culture and became the first to organise the production of artisan luxury truffle oils. This bottle captures the best of white truffles with an enticing infused oil that will truly elevate your cooking. The rich aroma will tantalise your tas...
  20. Foie gras portions ready for your frying pan
    Rougie Duck Foie Gras (20x50g), Sliced/Frozen, 1kg
    Produced by the esteemed Rougie, these 50g slices of divine duck foie gras are ready to sear in a hot pan. This allows them to remain crispy on the outside and soft in the centre. Only use the quantity needed and put the rest in the freezer for next time. Try seared foie gras with fruits, such as ca...
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