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Christmas Feast

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  1. Duck Rillette in Ceramic Ramekin, Fresh, 100g
    Duck Rillette in Ceramic Ramekin, Fresh, 100g
    This is the perfect dinner party starter. Duck rillette is made by cooking duck down in it’s own fat, and cooking with herbs and spices. This duck rillette is made using meat from free-range French ducks, using a traditional rillette recipe method in London. Served in individual ramekins has made...
  2. Wagyu Silverside Beef Roasting Joint, Frozen, +/-1.3kg
    Wagyu Silverside Beef Roasting Joint, Frozen, +/-1.3kg
    Named after its’ shiny silvery membrane, Silverside is a boneless joint of beef that is from the hind quarter of the animal. It’s location on the cow’s body makes it leaner than most cuts, however it remains marbled, succulent due to coming from a Wagyu beast.  We recommend cooking Silversid...
  3. Pigs in Blankets, Fresh, +/-500g (18-20pcs)
    Pigs in Blankets, Fresh, +/-500g (18-20pcs)
    These classic pigs in blankets are the perfect addition to your table for this festive period – fabulous as a side for your Christmas dinner or equally as a delicious canape at a dinner party. Traditional free-range pork cocktail sausages have been wrapped in streaky bacon.
  4. Buy White Crab Meat Online & in London UK
    White Crab Meat, Hand-Picked, Unpasteurised, Frozen, +/- 450g
    Juicy, salty, and full of rich flavour this soft white crab meat is as good as it gets! The meat has a wonderfully sweet yet delicate taste and is so versatile. Perfect for use in risotto, fish cakes, handmade tortellini, and so much more. Have fun experimenting with this exciting ingredient, withou...
  5. Free Range Landais Capon, Red label, +/-4kg
    Free Range Landais Capon, Red label, +/-4kg
    Capons are 'unmanned' roosters, which (thanks to their lower hormone production) double in size, become far more tender and have a less gamey flavour than the average chicken. We source our free range birds from France, where they have lived in the best possible conditions to ensure you get the best...
  6. Buy Alba White Fresh Online in London UK
    Alba White Truffle, (Magnatum Pico), Fresh
    From £60.00
    The arrival of the Alba White truffle (tuber magnatum pico) is one of the most important times of year in the culinary calendar. Its high status as the ultimate luxury food is not unfounded as it offers an impeccable scent and flavour, incomparable to any other truffle variety. These truffles come ...
  7. Pigeon & Foie Gras Terrine with Cherries, 1kg
    Pigeon & Foie Gras Terrine with Cherries, 1kg
    These three flavours have long been associated together and this particular terrine is one of Rougie's oldest recipes. The subtle combination of pigeon, foie gras and Morello cherries is a gastronomic delight and will be savoured by all those that try it. The terrine will serve around 10 people and ...
  8. Buy Tsar Cut Prime Smoked Salmon Online & London UK
    Tsar Nikolai, Prime Smoked Salmon Fillet, +/-600g
    Special Price £45.00 Regular Price £51.00
    Tsar Nikolai is one of the best smoked salmons available on the market and is one of our top 20 products. It is lightly smoked with beech wood chippings, delivering a subtle and delicate flavour. This sensational smoked salmon melts in the mouth and is perfect sliced up and served with a squeeze of ...
  9. Beetroot Gravadlax, +/-1.3kg
    Beetroot Gravadlax, +/-1.3kg
    The word Gravadlax means grave in Scandinavian. Historically people would wrap salmon fillets in beech bark and bury them in the earth with bricks on top to really help push the salt into the fish and cure it. This beautiful and delicate dish sums up everything we love about Swedish smoked seafood: ...
  10. Truffle Infused Brillat-Savarin, 200g
    Truffle Infused Brillat-Savarin, 200g
    Originating from French Burgundy Brillat-Savarin, a pasteurised cow's milk cheese, is named after the French gastronome Jean Anthelme. Additional cream is added during the cheese making process creating a rich and a supple cheese with a velvety texture. Our Brillat-Savarin is infused with the highes...
  11. Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, 1kg
    Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, 1kg
    Special Price £98.90 Regular Price £112.00
    This terrine of duck foie gras is made from the highest grade duck foie gras available and is an excellent option for serving a small party of guests. The terrine has a rich, succulent taste and melts in your mouth like butter. Lightly seasoned, this Duck Foie Gras A Grade terrine is delicious serve...
  12. Buy Guanciale Cured Pork Cheek Online & in London UK
    Guanciale Cured Pork Cheek, +/-1.5kg
    Guanciale is a type of cured pork cheek bacon. It is a traditional delicacy from the Italian regions of Umbria and Lazio. Guanciale has a much more sweet and intense flavour than its rival, belly bacon, and has a silky golden fat that simply melts in your mouth. Guanciale is primarily used in dishes...
  13. Urbani Black Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Urbani Black Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Treat yourself to this delicious infused black truffle olive oil. Urbani is the leading truffle oil brand on the market and this truffle oil will add a dash of truffle magic to all your savoury dishes...    
  14. Duck Magret, Fresh, +/-425g
    Duck Magret, Fresh, +/-425g
    A true Magret de Canard is the breast meat of ducks raised to produce foie gras. The breasts are double the size of wild duck and have a much beefier taste than ordinary duck breasts. Long a speciality of the south-western provinces of France, today magrets are served in restaurants throughout the c...
  15. Buy Deveined Raw Duck Foie Gras Online & in London UK
    Rougie Deveined Raw Duck Foie Gras, Frozen, 500g
    Many chefs prefer the richer, gamier, taste of duck foie gras when compared to the smoother flavour of goose foie gras. At Fine Food Specialist, we source flash-frozen lobes, which retain all the integrity of fresh foie gras. These lobes are prepared so that the veins and membrane have been extrac...
  16. Pain d'Epice (Old Style Recipe), 500g
    Pain d'Epice (Old Style Recipe), 500g
    The French name for honey cake is pain d'epice or spiced bread, and this is a succulent, rich loaf, flavoured with wonderful spices - anis, ginger, cinnamon and honey. This is an original loaf made in the traditional way. The flavours take me through a nostalgic journey down memory lane to childhood...
  17. Loch Fyne Side of Smoked Salmon, Long Sliced, +/-1kg
    Loch Fyne Side of Smoked Salmon, Long Sliced, +/-1kg
    Revered the world over, Loch Fyne smoked salmon is produced in the Loch Fyne Smokehouse, located in Cairndow Argyll, beside the renowned Oyster Bar and Restaurant. Fresh salmon fillets are dry cured using traditional methods and smoked over wood chips from retired whisky casks. Classic Smoked Salmon...
  18. Ultimate Christmas / Boxing Day Hamper
    Ultimate Christmas / Boxing Day Hamper
    Created by Drogo, our founder, this mouth watering gourmet hamper is loaded with some of the finest delicacies known to man. All the flavours and textures associated with Christmas are neatly packaged for you to enjoy at some stage over Christmas. From festive ham to Smoked Duck breast, potted stilt...
  19. Buy Camembert Fribois, 240g Online in London UK
    Camembert Fribois, 240g
    This camembert, produced in Saint-Loup de Fribois, Normandy, is full of flavour leaving a rich salty taste on the palate. Made from unpasteurised cow's milk, Camembert Fribois has a bouncy surface and is gooey all the way through. As it has a strong flavour, try baking it and serving with a drizzle ...
  20. Truffle Crisps, 40g
    Truffle Crisps, 40g
    These sumptuous truffle crisps are a snack for the truly posh at heart - a crunch to die for, no hint of dryness and absolute lashings of that smoky gourmet flavour. Be warned, though; once you've started eating them it's very difficult to stop.
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