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Salted Chocolate Ganache Tarts

  • Feeds 19 - 20 people
  • Prep time 00h 10
  • Cook time 00h 05

These chocolate tarts couldn’t be simpler to make and they are guaranteed to impress every time. A chocolate ganache is poured into our ready-made chocolate tart shells and topped with a delicate sprinkle of flaky salt. 

These would also be lovely with a layer of salted caramel or dulce de leche under the ganache, and some chopped nuts or grated white chocolate on top.

Makes 20. 

  1. Pour the cream into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
  2. Place the chocolate into a bowl and pour the cream over it, through a sieve.
  3. Leave undisturbed for 5 minutes, then stir the chocolate cream mixture until smooth and combined.
  4. Pour the mixture into a jug and then pour into the tart shells, filling them right to the top.
  5. Place the tarts into the fridge to set - 1-2 hours.
  6. Sprinkle each tart with a few flakes of sea salt before serving.

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