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  1. Quail's Eggs, Peeled, x 48
    Quail's Eggs, Peeled, x 48
    Boiled and peeled quail's eggs make your canapes a doddle. Try serving them cut in half with a dollop of caviar, or on their own with celery salt. Quail's eggs can even be used as a garnish on a Nicoise salad. Take away the time and stress of cooking and peeling fresh quails eggs.
  2. Salmon Supremes, Sashimi Grade, Fresh, 4 x +/-180g
    Salmon Supremes, Sashimi Grade, Fresh, 4 x +/-180g
    These beautiful salmon supremes come with the skin on and boneless. Try pan-frying them with oil and a little butter for crispy skin and serve on a well seasoned parsnip mash with a touch of salsa verde. Alternatively. these fillets are delicious when baked in parchment with some creamy ...
  3. Lomo de Cebo Iberico, +/-750g
    Lomo de Cebo Iberico, +/-750g
    Some of the finest charcuterie available form Southern Spain. No.1 Grade Lomo Iberico is simply stunning. Acorn fed and free range, this cured pork fillet comes from the 'Black Leg' pigs. Their diet of acorns fattens them up and gives them the most delightful flavour. Rich, buttery, and mouthwaterin...
  4. Iberico Bellota Chorizo, +/-500g
    Iberico Bellota Chorizo, +/-500g
    The highest quality Iberico Chorizo, fed on acorns (bellota). These 'Pata Negra' (black foot) pigs are free range and hung for 24 months producing the highest grade chorizo that is second to none. Tantalize your tastebuds with this exquisite Spanish artisan chorizo.
  5. Jamon Serrano, Whole Leg, 7.5-8kg
    Jamon Serrano, Whole Leg, 7.5-8kg
    Beautiful whole leg of Serrano Ham - Reared in the wild, and free to roam and forage, Jamon Serrano is the rich product of the White pig(Duroc). The addition of cereals to the diet adds to the richness and texture of the ham. This is a wonderful whole leg of Serrano and is a great spectacle on your ...
  6. Gravadlax, Sliced, Fresh, +/-1.2kg
    Gravadlax, Sliced, Fresh, +/-1.2kg
    For those who love salmon, it doesn't get much better than this gravadlax. This side of salmon is cured in a mixture of salt, sugar and dill to impart flavour and preserve it. Delicate and rich, it almost melts in your mouth and is perfect for starters or canapés. Keep it traditional by serving it ...
  7. Baby Carrots, Orange, x 3 Bunches
    Baby Carrots, Orange, x 3 Bunches
    Fine Food Specialist's baby carrots are so fresh, they still have their carrot tops on. Tender and sweet, they are very small and so tender so they are delicious raw. To cook, blanch in salted boiling water for 40 seconds and toss in butter for a perfect finish.
  8. Buy Morbier Fermier With Ash Online & In London
    Morbier Fermier, with Ash, +/-1kg
    We only sell Morbier 'Fermier' which means it is only made from fresh milk from the farm that the cheese is made on - Fresh, un pasteurised full fat milk which has a completely different flavour and richness than pasteurised milk. The Morbier is a rich yet mild cheese and is made with streaks of ash...
  9. Baby Carrots, Yellow, x 3 Bunches
    Baby Carrots, Yellow, x 3 Bunches
    All our baby vegetables are selected by our pickers at Runjis Market, Paris. These rare baby yellow carrots have a slightly different taste to their orange cousins. Tender and sweet, they only need 40 seconds blanching in salted, boiling water. Simply toss them in butter and serve with some other pe...
  10. Truffle Taster Hamper
    Truffle Taster Hamper
    An assortment of stunning truffle products, the perfect gift for a gourmet friend who loves their truffles! Watch their eyes light up as they opens the lids of these stunning truffle products and gets a whiff of this irresistible aroma. 
  11. Delectable Foie Gras Taster Gift Box
    Delectable Foie Gras Taster Gift Box
    This delectable hamper is a delightful gift to send to a foie gras lover. The taster box includes a generous portion of both duck and goose foie gras, with a stunning sweet wine jelly to complement all those wonderful flavours. Smooth, rich, and buttery, this luxury gourmet hamper will not be forgot...
  12. Jersey Royal Potatoes, 500g
    Jersey Royal Potatoes, 500g
    Jersey Royals are only authentic if they are grown in the traditional way on the Channel Island of Jersey. In November, the fields are covered with a blanket of seaweed which gives nutrients to the soil and helps protect them against pests. In season in April, May and June, Jersey Royals have a firm...
  13. Urbani Black/White Truffle Oil Set, 250ml
    Urbani Black/White Truffle Oil Set, 250ml
    Special Price £70.75 Regular Price £79.95
    Urbani is considered the best brand in the truffle world. This is the ultimate gift for any truffle lover, and offers great value for money too!
  14. Snowdonia Cheese Gift Box (No.1)
    Snowdonia Cheese Gift Box (No.1)
    The Snowdonia Cheese Company is famed for its deliciously moreish cheddar cheeses. This selection of truckles forms the ultimate gift box for any cheddar connoisseur. From the highly acclaimed classicly creamy Black Bomber, to a wonderfully warm Ginger Spice with chunks of crystallised ginger runnin...
  15. Wagyu 'Bavette' Flank Steak, BMS 4-5, Frozen, +/-500g
    Wagyu 'Bavette' Flank Steak, BMS 4-5, Frozen, +/-500g
    Bavette steak is a popular cut in France thanks to its excellent flavour and reasonable price. It is the flank or skirt of the cow, which has a high fat content and therefore lots of flavour. The amount of fat marbling through the meat of the Wagyu breed gives it extra flavour and a soft texture....
  16. Wagyu Beef Short Ribs, Frozen, +/-2.5kg
    Wagyu Beef Short Ribs, Frozen, +/-2.5kg
    This less expensive cut of Wagyu is full of flavour but needs long, slow cooking. We suggest you start by browning the ribs in a hot pan and straining off any excess fat. Brown a mirepoix (finely diced celery, onion and carrot) until you have lots of sticky flavour on the bottom of the pan, then de...
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  17. Coeur De Neufchatel, +/-200g
    Coeur De Neufchatel, +/-200g
    Neufchatel is one of the oldest cheeses in France. It is shaped as a heart and that is why it is called Coeur de Neufchatel - Coeur meaning heart...It is soft, and delightful!
  18. Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton
    Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton, Cut from Wheel, +/-2kg
    Cropwell Bishop quarter wheel is a big two kilogram slice of some of the finest Stilton in the land. The cheese is made from the best milk available. It is churned authentically, in the same way it has been for over 100 years, to produce the famous Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton. It is rich, tangy and...
  19. Saveur du Maquis, +/- 650g
    Saveur du Maquis, +/- 650g
    Saveur du Maquis, is produced on the Island of Corisca where the ewes graze the scrub land, or maquis, commonly found there. The cheese is completely coated in the aromatic herbs of the maquis such as rosemary, thyme, fennel seeds and juniper berries.The flavour is nutty and has a slightly sour tast...
  20. Leafy Lemons, 1kg
    Leafy Lemons, 1kg
    Rivalled only by Amalfi lemons, the leafy lemons are something truly special. They are less tart and acidic than those that grace our UK grocer’s shelves but the depth of flavour is greater, with a wonderful floral scent.
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