Frozen Foie Gras

Frozen Foie Gras

Foie gras is the gourmet’s treat

The rich, buttery yet delicate taste and creamy, silky texture of foie gras is an undoubted gourmet treat. When it’s flash frozen it retains all of its quality and flavour.

You can pan-sear, roast, sauté and grill this delicious treat or use it in terrines, pâtés and parfaits. If you feel especially indulgent you can flavour your foie gras with truffle, mushrooms or brandy.

Rich or delicate – it’s a matter of taste

It is easy to recognise the best quality foie gras by its delicate rosy colour, with slight touches of beige. Many chefs prefer the richer, gamier duck foie gras compared to the smoother flavour of goose foie gras – it’s all a matter of taste.

Before enjoying this gourmand delicacy, you might wish to remove the nerves and veins. As a wonderful time-saving alternative, you can choose our flavour-packed deveined duck or goose foie gras.

 Delicious foie gras always to hand

Frozen duck foie gras slices from the Rougié can go straight into a hot pan to be seared until they are crispy on the outside and soft and delicious inside. In handy 20g portions you can use only what you need and keep the reset in your freezer for another day’s treat. Try them with caramelised apples or, for pure pleasure, serve on warm toast.

Tender and meltingly rich, our sliced and flash frozen goose foie gras also comes in an easy-use resealable bag of 20 pieces so you can use just enough portions for your dinner party.

Try flash frozen lobes of duck or goose foie gras with the veins and membrane extracted for all of the flavour and texture and none of the hard work – ideal for making a foie gras terrine. Or thaw and use it as fresh in a ‘mille feuille’ with black truffle and artichoke heart.

As the perfect accompaniment, enhance your foie gras with a bottle of fruity and fresh sweet Tokaji Aszu wine. 

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