Preserved Foie Gras

Preserved Foie Gras

Preserved foie gras is a perfect store-cupboard luxury

Because preserved foie gras is cooked at a high temperature it has an excellent shelf life, which makes it an ideal luxury item for your larder. When you buy top quality preserved foie gras you will find that it just gets better with time. 

An indulgent treat

Available in jars, tins or trays, preserved duck or goose foie gras is an ideal indulgent treat when unexpected guests call. Once opened, it can be stored in its own jar or on a covered plate in your refrigerator for several days. Choose your preference - buttery goose foie gras or the slightly gamier duck. Either will be especially delicious when served with a dash of Tokaji sweet wine jelly.

Delicious snacks and ideal treats

Our whole, preserved goose or duck foie gras (entier) in pots are small treats with huge flavour. They’re delicious as a gourmet snack with crusty bread or as an ideal gift.

Lafitte has been delighting lovers of foie gras since the 1920s. From them we have generous entier duck foie gras, preserved in a tin and ready to eat with plenty for 10 to 12 people. We also have delicious blocs of duck foie gras. For a taste of southern France, try it with a crisp salad, smoked duck and pine nuts.

Rougié produces outstanding quality foie gras. Their philosophy is based on sustainable family farming, innovation and a great passion for details. Rougié blocs of duck or goose foie gras are tasty, buttery pleasures on warm toast. Or just spoon out the duck foie gras entier en gelee, embellished with light seasoning and port wine jelly, straight from the jar onto warm toasted brioche.

We have sets for you to try too. Our foie gras duck and goose entier duo set will make a flavoursome gift for anyone with a taste for French delicacies. For foodies that love their foie gras we have sets flavoured with port and Armagnac jelly. There’s also an irresistible goose foie gras trio set from Rougié that includes a smoky sprinkling of black truffles.



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