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  1. White Mooli, x 3
    White Mooli, x 3
    Mooli, also known as Daikon, is a large white radish that looks similar to a horseradish but holds a peppery taste. They have a smooth skin and are translucent inside. White mooli can be enjoyed raw or cooked; they absorb all flavours when cooked but withstand their firm texture and original peppery...
  2. Kaki Fruit / Sharon Fruit x 1 case (+/-2.5kg)
    Kaki Fruit / Sharon Fruit x 1 case (+/-2.5kg)
    Kaki fruit, also known as persimmons, can be eaten raw or cooked. To eat raw, the top leaf must be removed, then the flesh can be removed from the skin by scooping it out of the fruit or the skin can also be eaten. The flesh inside the fruit can be firm if slightly unripe, or mushy when fully ripene...
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  3. Tamarillo Fruit, x 10
    Tamarillo Fruit, x 10
    This egg-shaped edible fruit is also known as the Tomato Fruit. The flesh inside the fruit is firm and contains larger seeds than regular tomatoes, providing higher levels of vitamins and irons but with a much sweeter flavour. 
  4. Grenadilla Fruit, x 9
    Grenadilla Fruit, x 9
    The granadilla fruit has a very similar structure and texture to a passion-fruit; the outer shell is hard and slippery to protect the inside, which is made up on hard black seeds and transparent pulp. The flavour of the pulp is much sweeter and softer than that of a passionfruit.  The granadill...
  5. Baby Courgettes, 2 x 200g
    Baby Courgettes, 2 x 200g
    These mini courgettes have a delicate and sweet taste. Perfect to fry and use as a garnish, or simply chop and use in pasta sauces and ratatouille. The courgettes are around 10cm in length.
  6. Wasabi Mayonnaise, 175g
    Wasabi Mayonnaise, 175g
    This is the only mayonnaise in the world that is made with English wasabi! The natural flavour of the mayonnaise is well-balanced with the pungent yet mild kick of wasabi. Perfect to use as an alternative to seafood sauce with prawns, or even a spread of it in a BLT sandwich – this wasabi mayo...
  7. Yuzu Mayonnaise, 175g
    Yuzu Mayonnaise, 175g
    With a fruity taste and slightly tart undertones of lemon and grapefruit, this yuzu mayonnaise is a delicious accompaniment to seafood canapes, especially paired with salmon or crab. Alternatively, try spreading on toast or in sandwiches, or as a dip with tortilla chips and crisps.
  8. Jelly Nuts, x 3
    Jelly Nuts, x 3
    Jelly coconuts are a younger version of the brown, hairy coconut that we know so well. These young coconuts are typically used for their coconut water inside, as well as the sweet and delicate white meat (however the flesh has more flavour in the more matured coconut).
  9. Radicchio,  (5 heads)
    Radicchio, (5 heads)
    Similar to chicoroy or cabbage, radicchio has tightly wrapped leaves. This leaf is extremely versatile as it can not only be used in raw salads, but also tastes delicious and keeps its beautiful purple colour when braised or grilled. Try shredding and cooking into fresh pasta and risotto dishes to a...
  10. Westlands Baby Leaf Salad, 3 x 120g
    Westlands Baby Leaf Salad, 3 x 120g
    This baby leaf salad is a mix of mild and tender baby leaves, both green and dark red in colour. They are washed and ready to use in salads – just choose a dressing of your choice and enjoy the fresh leaves.
  11. Baby Cucumber, x 10
    Baby Cucumber, x 10
    With a more intense and delicious cucumber flavour than regular slicing cucumbers, baby cucumbers are the perfect healthy snack or ingredient for salads! Their skin is a dark green colour with a lighter, aqueous yet crunch flesh inside. Try pickling these for your own homemade cucumber pickles for h...
  12. Red Chicory, +/-1kg
    Red Chicory, +/-1kg
    Also known as endive in the chef world, is a leaf often used in salads or alternatively as a base for canapes. The flavour is subtly bitter, with a red and white colour. Sweeter flavours can also be brought out of the slightly bitter chicory when seasoned and grilled or roasted on a high heat - perf...
  13. Castelfranco Salad, x 2 Heads
    Castelfranco Salad, x 2 Heads
    Castelfranco raddichio is characterized by green leaves with deep pink and red spots, and its crunchy texture and mild, bittersweet flavour. The beautiful lettuce is a show-stopper in the salad world.
  14. White Chicory, +/-1kg
    White Chicory, +/-1kg
    Green chicory has a bitter taste, which is sweetened when it is heated. Grilled chicory pairs beautifully with rich flavours of cheese – chicory and Stilton salad is a delicious seasonal side dish.
  15. Wild Rocket, +/- 500g (10 Bunches)
    Wild Rocket, +/- 500g (10 Bunches)
    Wild Rocket grows slower than salad rocket, and has thinner yet longer leaves. Wild rocket has a more intense peppery flavour than salad rocket. Try stirring wild rocket into a tomato, chilli and prawn linguine to add a delicious and unique flavour.
  16. Plantain, +/-2kg
    Plantain, +/-2kg
    Plantain looks similar to a banana, but they are low in sugar and have higher levels of starch. For this reason, they are generally eaten cooked as there is too much starch in them to be eaten raw. It is their low levels of sugar that give them their green colour. Plantain is a highly nutritious pla...
  17. Lamb's Lettuce/Mache, 2 x 150g
    Lamb's Lettuce/Mache, 2 x 150g
    Mache lettuce, also known as lamb’s lettuce or corn salad, is one of the most nutritious varieties of lettuce available. With high levels of Vitamin A, B, C and iron, no wonder it is gaining a lot of popularity among health-conscious foodies. The flavour of the leaves are subtly nutty, and can...
  18. French Apricots, Fresh, +/-2kg
    French Apricots, Fresh, +/-2kg
    These fresh apricots are from the South of France, and are picked at full maturity, when the fruit has absorbed the maximum nutritional value. They have a lovely rich pink and orange colour, good acidity and a sweet undertone. Delicious as they are, popped straight intp your fruit bowl, or also deli...
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  19. French Cherries, 1kg
    French Cherries, 1kg
    These juicy cherries, with an intense red coloured flesh, are ripe and ready to eat. With a sweet but subtly tart flavour, they are absolutely delicious however you choose to eat them. These heart-shaped fruits on stems are perfect in desserts, but also just as fabulous used in savoury dishes to add...
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  20. Guava, x 1 Case, +/-2kg
    Guava, x 1 Case, +/-2kg
    Cultivated mainly in Central America or the Caribbean, the guava has long been accredited as a high source of fibre and vitamins. It has been referred to as 'the nectar of the Gods'. The softer a guava is, the sweeter the flavour.  This distinctly flavoured tropical fruit serves as a sweet and ...
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