Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry

There’s no denying it. Our Meat & Poultry range is EXTENSIVE. When it comes to fine foods, whatever you're looking for in meat and poultry, you'll find it right here. Veal, duck, beef, pork, pigeon, chicken, lamb and even kangaroo.


Meat & poultry fine foods. What do you fancy?

Is there anything more wonderfully succulent than a pork sausage? Probably not. But, at Fine Food Specialist, we believe in taking things further. Traditional meat and poultry staples – such as sausages, chops and bacon – are, we're sure you'll agree, culinary mouth-watering favourites to be enjoyed all year round, not just in winter or on special occasions.  Our fresh Italian pork sausages are something else. They're enriched with aromatic fennel and can either be served up in a rich pasta sauce or simply as grilled sausages to be accompanied by French fries or, that old British favourite, mashed potato. Yummy!


Why not experiment?

Let's be honest, we all have our favourite meat and poultry dishes, and it can be difficult to be open to trying new ideas, can't it? But to do so can often result in a wonderful surprise: the discovery of a whole new delicious food that you'd never even heard of let alone mulled over giving a try at some point. Amongst the varied Fine Food Specialist Meat & Poultry range you'll find foods such as Bone Marrow Butter, Wild Boar Burgers, Crocodile and Chicken Burgers and others, just waiting to be tasted and then enthusiastically devoured.


Are you stocked up for the barbeque season?

Grain-fed burgers from across the pond are becoming increasingly popular in this country year on year. Particularly in summer. Why? Because when it's time to invite family and friends around for a barbeque in the garden on a pleasant afternoon, nothing beats USDA prime beef – top grade beef burgers that possess that authentic American barbeque beef taste. Picture yourself enjoying a couple of them (with crispy bacon, onions, peppers, courgettes and lashings of dressing) and then washing them down with an ice cool bottle of Bud' or two. What's that? You love the sound of ordering in some US Grain-Fed Beef Burgers (frozen) but are having trouble finding the perfect buttery brioche buns online? Don't worry, Fine Food Specialist has also got 'the whole bun thing' covered!

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121 Item(s)

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