Exotic Meat

Exotic Meat

Try exotic meats and discover new favourites

If you are yearning for something different in your diet, then try our exotic meat selection. You’ll find outstanding flavours and perhaps discover new favourites.

Go wild!

Many sources of exotic meat are not domesticated and have been raised and fed in the wild. That means it’s lean, as well as tasty. So, whether you’re interested in healthy eating or you want to discover fantastic new flavours as alternatives to meat and poultry, exploring our exotic meat selection is for you.

 Not just different but lean and tasty too

Frogs legs aren’t just a delicacy in France, they are also valued in the Canton part of China. They make an appetizing starter, dipped in tempura batter and deep fried until pale brown and crispy. Delicious!

Crocodile meat looks very similar to a monkfish tail and its taste is somewhere between chicken and shellfish. It’s porous, which makes it excellent for marinating, and it is best cooked medium-rare to retain its succulent and juicy texture.

European wild boar forage freely on acorns, saplings and roots from the woodlands and they are culled in the wild. Their meat is firm and full-flavoured. Try slow cooking diced wild boar for a perfect dinner on a cold day or marinate some loin fillets with red wine, herbs, onions and mushrooms, before roasting.

 Our kangaroo meat comes from Western Australia. It has a rich gamey flavour that is similar to well-hung beef and venison. Just add garlic, onions, herbs and stock for ‘roo stew’ – add a few juniper berries as a finishing touch.

Antelope meat is really tasty and similar in texture to venison and elk. Grilled antelope burgers in a toasted bun with salad and some Hickory sauce are ideal for casual dining that will impress your friends. 

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