Specialist Burgers

Healthy, tasty burgers with a fine dining twist

There are burgers – and then there are burgers. You won’t experience anything like the taste and texture of our burgers at a fast food restaurant. We have chosen our specialist burger selection for people who enjoy casual entertaining with a fine-dining twist and families who want to enjoy healthy, tasty meals.


Create your own taste sensations

The idea of enjoying a delicious meat patty on a bun is over 100 years old. They are easy to cook and full of flavour. There’s no end to condiments, salads and cheeses you can add to your burgers to make them extra special too.

 Great gifts to bring to a barbecue

Why wouldn’t wagyu beef taste amazing when rearing standards include indulgences like daily massages and beer? Perfect mini waygu beef patties are great for garden parties while the full-sized version is a truly luxurious burger and a great gift to bring to a barbecue. If you like to make your own burgers, we have delicious wagyu mince, ground from the chuck roll, giving it a good fat-to-meat ratio. All you need to do is season it well.

Cooked on an authentic American-style barbecue, grain-fed beef burgers are made from only the best USDA prime beef, certified as truly top grade. Serve them in a rich, buttery brioche bun with crisped bacon and a good steak sauce.

Iberico de Bellota pork is thought by some to be the best in the world. The acorn-fed pigs have a distinct, nutty flavour and a generous layer of fat. These burgers are juicy and rich with a sweet taste.

If you would like something a little different then try some exotic meat burgers. Crocodile and chicken burgers will make an exciting addition to your barbecue menu. This special-recipe burger is a succulent and tasty alternative to beef or pork. Kangaroo burgers all the way from Australia are great on the grill too – just be careful not to overcook them. Wild boar meat is a lean and tender alternative to pork with a range of flavours depending on breed, season, diet, and age. Antelope meat is very lean and tasty with a texture similar to venison and elk.

 Your barbecues will never be the same!

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