Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms

Here at Fine Food Specialist we source a wide variety of fresh mushrooms throughout the year. Although wild mushrooms are at their peak season in Autumn with a plethora of varieties to choose from , springtime also offers the wonderful seasonal delights which appear in the form of wild morels.  Our selection of wild and cultivated mushrooms offers something special for every palate.

Versatile Ingredients For Any Meal

Fresh mushrooms are versatile as an accompaniment, addition or a main ingredient. The possibilities are endless - grilled, stuffed, breaded, fried, roasted, braised and sautéed, to name just a few. Why not experiment with some of our more unusual options too?

Classic Mushroom Treats And Exotic Alternatives, what’s in a name?

Classic porcini mushrooms, also known as ceps, are meaty, rich and very versatile. Mild peppery wild chanterelles are known to Italians as girolles – an indulgent treat with griddled scallops and a drizzle of port wine sauce.

Fresh morel mushrooms appear in spring and are delicious cooked in a rich, reduced chicken stock sauce and cream. The firm texture and subtle flavour of fan-like oyster mushrooms renders them ideal for stir-fries, whilst king oysters are a wonderful alternative for porcini when seasons overlap. Nutty Paris brown mushrooms make a great raw accompaniment, marinated in olive oil, garlic, pepper, and with a little chopped chilli, or try slow roasted hon shimeji mushrooms, proving as a tasty addition to summer salads.

For something a little different, try pied bleu mushrooms with strongly flavoured vegetables such as onions and leeks. Or add light tasting peppery ‘pied de moutons’mushrooms, in slow-cooked casseroles and soups. Japan's tasty, slightly chewy shiitake mushroom is perfect for clear soups and nimono (simmered dishes). Enoki mushrooms are also highly prized in Asian cooking and are wonderful added to a miso soup. For a treat, try our mixes to savour three varieties of seasonal wild mushrooms or a bag of four delicious cultivated mushrooms.  

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