Specialist Fruits

Discover our exotic and enticing selection of specialist fruits, ideal for creating delectable dishes at home all year round. Perfect for fine food lovers, our range of specialist fruits can add a little extra something to a meal or dessert due to their unique flavours, as well as being delicious to enjoy separately as a snack between meals. Are you ready to add these exquisite ingredients and create incredible new culinary creations?

 Our selection of specialist fruits provides food fanatics with fresh new flavours that can compliment a variety of dishes, whether they are sweet or savoury. Choose from tangy blood oranges, succulent medjool dates, refreshing micro melons, bitter fraise du bois and much more to create unique dishes that will delight your tastebuds.

Choosing the right specialist fruits for each season

The Fine Food Specialist team strives to ensure our specialist fruits are as fresh as they can be, meaning we provide the appropriate fruits for each season. Enjoy the zesty burst of citrus fruits during spring and summer, or the humbling flavour of fresh dates from August through to December. Do not fear, you’ll never be without. We source the finest fruits all year round to ensure you have all you need, whatever the weather.

 Not sure what specialist fruit is in season, when? Check out our handy infographic Are You ‘Fruit True Or False’and test your knowledge!

Imagine the simply divine flavour combinations you could create with an assortment of specialist fruits. Use slices of fruit with fresh fish to create delicate appetisers, use them for moreish mains or conjure up a unique dessert with unusual, yet enjoyable flavour blends. And don’t forget to share your best recipes with us!

 Classic fruit favourites

Whilst we do stock an exciting array of the more unique fruits from all over the world such as the daring dragon fruit, Japanese yuzu and Chinese Nashi pears, we also have a selection of more traditional options from the fruit world. Choose from:

ü Sicilian lemons – a classic flavour used in sour tarts and fish dishes

ü English cherries – perfect for summer puddings

ü Yellow peaches –  for delightfully soft deserts

 At Fine Food Specialist, we offer such a large variety of specialist fruits and other fine ingredients that you’ll easily be able to find the fruits you need to bring new flavours into your kitchen. Our appetising assortment of specialist fruits can please every palette, including the most refined due to their rare flavours. Browse our entire selection of fruits below and begin experimenting with exceptional flavours and textures.


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45 Item(s)

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