Specialist Vegetables

If you’re looking to introduce new flavours and textures into your regular cooking routine with a unique array of vegetables, then you’re looking in the right direction. Fine Food Specialist stock an extensive range of specialist vegetables, perfect for using in many dishes.

 Our selection of specialist vegetables contains rare vegetables that are highly sought after in the culinary world, giving them an essence of luxury. Take your pick from succulent monk’s beard, exquisite purple potatoes, tender sea kale, colourful candy beetroot, delicious salsify and the list goes on!

No compromise on freshness

It’s important to cook with fresh vegetables to get the desired flavour and texture from your dish. All of the vegetables from our range of specialist vegetables are stocked dependant on what’s in season, ensuring you only get the highest quality produce all year round.

 Whether you’re a fan of fine foods, or you’re just trying out new flavours, you’ll find everything you need here at Fine Food Specialist. Expand your collection with vegetable gourmet delights including:

ü Black garlic – popular due to its complex, sweet-savoury taste

ü Rainbow chard – a versatile vegetable that can be cooked in any way you desire (boil, braise, steam or sauté)

ü Lotus root – a bitter flavour that can be enjoyed eaten raw or cooked

ü Courgette flowers – ideal for being stuffed with cheese and herbs

 Options for every kitchen

You can buy vegetables from this specialist range in a variety of sizes, bunches and weights so you can get exactly as much as you need for your kitchen creations. Whether you require large quantities for dinner parties or just enough for a romantic meal for two, you’ll be able to find it all below.

 Don’t forget to also check out our selection of specialist fruit and use our infographic Are You ‘Fruit True or Falseto discover when certain specialist fruits are in season.

 Can’t wait to start experimenting with all these specialist vegetables and other fine ingredients? Browse our website, select all the products you need and then look forward to enjoying the high quality and mouth-watering tastes of everything you ordered, including some of the delightful specialist vegetables available below. Discover your new favourites today!

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101 Item(s)

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