World Cuisines

Scouring the planet in search of the very best in world cuisine may sound like a fascinating odyssey to embark upon, but it could also prove rather time-consuming, not to mention expensive! Don't fret (and don’t feel frustrated); Fine Food Specialist has saved you the trouble.


World Cuisine delivered to your door (and FAST)

Italian pork sausages, Japanese Wagyu beef, Artisan Bordier Unsalted Butter from France,

sea grapes all the way from Vietnam... Imagine, you can order all those and more from your home (wherever you live), and look forward to fast delivery from us. And why not add to your shopping basket all sorts of extras, such as sauces, dressings, oils and seasonings? They’re all here waiting for you. And (don’t tell anyone, but…) as a special secret treat to yourself, you could choose some confectionery from our World Cuisine range!


So many people are 'sweet' on World Cuisine. Are you?

A beautifully designed box of chocolate fig bombons can be just the thing to share with friends and family after dinner. Or if you fancy something light and delightful to enjoy with your mid-afternoon cup of tea or coffee, a Mazet Praline Milk Chocolate Bar from us will perfectly fit the bill.


Talking of treats...


Go on. Introduce someone special to World Cuisine

Thinking up something alternative yet amazing to give your partner, a family member or cherished friend isn't always easy, is it? Please allow the Fine Food Specialist team to make a few suggestions. For example, imagine the lucky recipient's thrilled reaction upon receiving an Italian Cuisine Artisan Hamper, a Splendid Spanish Hamper, a Gourmet Balsamic Truffle Hamper or a fabulous Mazet's Marvellous Box of Chocolate Coated Nuts. All are available to buy here at our website at competitive prices and with fast and reliable delivery being guaranteed. Enjoy!

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