Cheese Boards

Cheese Boards

Cheese board selections

We are fine cheese champions at Fine Food Specialist. Our cheese selection is so extensive, spanning British, French, Spanish and Italian choices, that we thought you might like to try some of our favourite combinations of fine French cheeses made by true craftsmen, delightfully presented on their own olive wood cheese board.

The perfect addition to any cheese board, our wonderful collection of flavoured crackers and gourmet cheese toast are the perfect accompaniment.

Quality and taste from the finest cheese artisans

Artisan cheese is produced by hand using traditional craftsmanship, often using milk from the makers’ own herds. The grazing pastures and the ‘ripening’ and aging processes create complex tastes and varieties that you won’t find in mass-produced cheeses.

Selections for connoisseurs

Our all rounder mixed cheese boardisa delightful combination of some of the most specialist French artisan cheeses available. With plenty for 18 to 20 people, this selection is perfect for a special occasion like Christmas or Easter.

Our prestige artisan cheese board brings you over 2kg of the highest quality and rarest French cheeses. It will make a wonderful gift for any cheese connoisseur, a really impressive cheese board to follow a celebration dinner or an alternative to wedding cake.

If any of these cheeses are not available on the day of ordering, we will replace them for you with the most similar alternative we can provide.

For a little added indulgence why not also add our truffle honey?

Our selections include authentic olive wood boards that are all slightly different shapes and sizes. Once you’ve enjoyed your cheeses, just wash them in cold water (don't put them in the dishwasher or they will warp) and use them again and again to present your favourite treats. To keep them looking wonderful, rub on a little olive oil every now and again.


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3 Item(s)

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