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British Ingredients

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  1. Micro Thyme, x 1 Punnet
    Micro Thyme, x 1 Punnet
    Inject a little freshness into your cooking with this amazing micro thyme - tiny leaves and sprigs which are no less potent despite their size. The delicate appearance of the herb adds prettiness too, so you can simply tear or snip into little clumps and use raw as a garnish on a variety of dishes. ...
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  2. Cucumber Flowers, 15g
    Cucumber Flowers, 15g
    These attractive yellow blooms taste similar to the well-loved salad vegetable they eventually produce. They look great as a salad ingredient or as a garnish, but you can also add them to main dishes and snacks as a little  extra - try them in fritters or stuffed with cream cheese.
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  3. Biscuits For Cheese, 375g
    Biscuits For Cheese, 375g
    A delightful box containing a selection of ‘biscuits’ for cheese. The selection contains wheat finger biscuits, which are made of the finest whole grain wheat and with a touch of sweetness they are very similar in nature to digestive biscuits. Wheat finger biscuits are not only delicious...
  4. Cornish Yarg
    Cornish Yarg, Whole Wheel
    Cornish Yarg has a fresh, clean taste. It is wrapped in nettles to give its distinct flavour and unique yet subtle taste. This hand made, semi-hard farmhouse cheese is dotted with natural white, grey and pink moulds that develop throughout the process of maturing.
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  5. Black Bomber, 200g
    Black Bomber, 200g
    This high quality Cheddar cheese is a must for any cheese gourmet who appreciates Cheddar for its strong and aromatic flavour.
  6. Cashel Blue, 1.5Kg
    Cashel Blue, 1.5Kg
    Cashel Blue was the first blue farmhouse cheese made in Ireland by the Grubb family in 1984. Named after the Rock of Cashel the cheese is made in Co. Tipperary using milk from their own herd of cows. After maturing the firm, moist, creamy cheese is mottled with blue marble-like veining. Eaten at aro...
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  7. Buy Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar Online in London UK
    Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar, 2kg
    Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar is made in the heart of the West Country using a traditional recipe which has been handed down for 70 years. The flavour is pronounced with a sharp tanginess offset by a wonderful creaminess.  The cheddar is matured before being covered with a deep burgundy wa...
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  8. Celtic Promise, 500g
    Celtic Promise, 500g
    Celtic Promise is is a washed-rind cow's cheese. It is made from full fat unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. It is similar to Gouda but much deeper in flavour.
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  9. Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton, Quarter Wheel
    Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton, Cut from Wheel, +/-2kg
    Cropwell Bishop quarter wheel is a big two kilogram slice of some of the finest Stilton in the land. The cheese is made from the best milk available. It is churned authentically, in the same way it has been for over 100 years, to produce the famous Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton. It is rich, tangy and...
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  10. Venison Striploin, Fresh, Trimmed, +/-1.5kg
    Venison Striploin, Fresh, Trimmed, +/-1.5kg
    Venison has a strong gamey flavour and melds well with many of the other Autumn flavours like Girolles, red cabbage and Savoy cabbage. Fantastic served rare to medium rare - Try cooking this sumptuous piece of prime wild strip loin as the days get shorter...
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  11. Bleu d'Auvergne & Acacia Honey & Truffle Gift Set
    Bleu d'Auvergne & Acacia Honey & Truffle Gift Set
    This delightful heart-shaped gift set is a sublime gift idea. Bleu d'Auvergne is a traditional, creamy farmhouse blue with distinctive even spread of bloomed veins running through it. Its strong and distinctive aroma matches perfectly with sweet dessert wines or honey. The premium quality&...
  12. Breakfast Radish, x 3 Bunches
    Breakfast Radish, x 3 Bunches
    Juicy, crunchy and full of colour and flavour, radishes are perfect for garnishing any plate. Used commonly in Europe on the breakfast plate, they have a peppery kick to them, and they just look so great! Cut them into match sticks and sprinkle them over salads and green vegetables.They make a wonde...
  13. Venison Saddle, +/-5.5kg
    Venison Saddle, +/-5.5kg
    The most tender and luscious cut of Venison is the Saddle. Lean and rich, it is a dream to cook, just a quick roast in a hot oven and you have an easy to carve prime piece of venison. You can chuck a handful of juniper berries into the gravy stock to really balance the slight game taste of fresh ven...
  14. Pansy Flowers, x 1 Punnet
    Pansy Flowers, x 1 Punnet
    These vibrant pansy leaves and flowers are edible and have a mild, minty taste. Mostly, the leaves and flowers are used as garnishes on cakes, fruit salads, green salads, desserts and soups. Give your drinks an extra special touch by freezing a flower head in individual ice cubes or scatter over sal...
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  15. Red Chard Micro Herb, 30g
    Red Chard Micro Herb, 30g
    Mild flavour and juicy texture, the red stems contrast with the bright green leaves. Try it added to a buerre blanc or to a stir fry at the last minute.
  16. Buy Celery Lea Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Celery Leaf Micro Herb, 30g
    Beautiful leaves with a sharply sweet and strong celery taste. Add a few leaves to homemade coleslaw or as a garnish for soups, they also taste great with cheese.
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  17. Buy Pea Shoots Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Pea Shoots, 100g
    Sweet, tender and fresh describes these wonderful pea shoots perfectly. The delicate micro herbs have a distinctive sweet pea flavour and are delicious in so many dishes. Top off a stir fry with them, add to salads and sandwiches, serve them alongside freshly grilled fish or scallops, the possi...
  18. Buy Amaranth Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Amaranth Micro Herb, 30g
    Part of a larger family of leaves and seeds, amaranth micro-greens add not only fabulous flavour to dishes, they also add a dazzling burst of colour.  These tender purple-red leaves are slightly sweet and reminiscent of baby beetroot in taste; use them in salads or as an accompaniment to all ty...
  19. Buy Garlic Chives Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Garlic Chives Micro Herb, 30g
    These garlic chives combine the delicate flavour of onion with a delicious blast of garlic. They taste fantastic in creamy mashed potato, quiches and tarts. They also make a great alternative to spring onions.
  20. Red Mustard Frills, Micro Herb, 30g
    Red Mustard Frills, Micro Herb, 30g
    The red mustard frills have a striking red blushed appearance and an intense mustard taste. Try with cold beef dishes rather than horseradish or add to salads for a unique flavour.
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