Verjus, from Perigord, 250ml

Discover the Essence of Perigord: Verjus, the Ancient Elixir! In the heart of the enchanting Perigord region, a centuries-old secret thrives—Verjus...
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Discover the Essence of Perigord: Verjus, the Ancient Elixir!

In the heart of the enchanting Perigord region, a centuries-old secret thrives—Verjus. Literally translating to 'green juice', this extraordinary elixir is born from the essence of unripe grapes and their delicate seeds. Verjus, also known as Hosrum and Abghooreh, is a rare gem from the annals of culinary history, a condiment steeped in tradition and treasured for its timeless allure.

Stepping into the world of Verjus is like embarking on a journey through medieval French cuisine, a glimpse into the flavours that once graced the tables of royalty and gourmands alike. This ancient elixir, absent from supermarket shelves, holds the power to elevate your culinary creations to heights unseen.

For those seeking a reprieve from fermented condiments, Verjus beckons with open arms. It stands as an ideal choice for those who are yeast intolerant, offering a tantalising alternative that complements a variety of dishes without the heavy burden of fermentation.

Verjus is more than just a condiment, it's a versatile ally in the kitchen. With a simple splash, it effortlessly deglazes pans, unlocking layers of flavour and richness that dance on the palate. But its true magic lies in its ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. A mere touch of Verjus can infuse a tantalising tartness into even the most indulgent of fatty foods, creating a harmonious balance that awakens the senses.

At the heart of our commitment to quality is our unwavering dedication to sourcing the finest Verjus from the Perigord region in France. This fertile land, known for its bountiful vineyards and rich terroir, yields grapes of unparalleled excellence, ensuring that each drop of Verjus embodies the true spirit of its origin.

Unlock the hidden treasures of Perigord with Verjus, a journey through time and taste, a condiment that transcends generations and enlivens palates. Delve into the realm of unripe grapes and their seeds and experience the essence of history, tradition and flavour like never before. Your culinary voyage awaits, guided by the remarkable allure of Verjus from Perigord.

Origin: Perigord, France.

Ingredients: Pure juice of green grapes.

Please note: Verjus, literally - green juice, is made from unripe grapes and their seeds. Also known as Hosrum and Abghooreh, it is an ancient condiment much used in Medieval French cuisine. You won't find it in the supermarkets. Ideal for the yeast intolerant because it is not a fermented condiment. It can be used to deglaze pans and to add a tart edge to fatty foods. We source our verjus from the Perigord in France.

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