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Italian Ingredients

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  1. Truffle Focaccia, +/-300g
    Truffle Focaccia, +/-300g
    Produced on the coast of Italy using a traditional focaccia recipe that has been enhanced with the delightful, earthy flavour of black truffle. Warm up in the oven for a couple minutes to enjoy the taste of fresh bread without the hassle of breadmaking! To take this focaccia to the next level, we re...
  2. Cotechino, 500g
    Cotechino, 500g
    Cotechino is made from 100% Italian pork, which has been trimmed and minced, then delicately flavoured with spices, wine, garlic, and salt and pepper. It is cooked under high pressure when it has been put into a casing, and then sealed to keep fresh. The cotechino must be cooked in boiling water for...
  3. Burrata & Black Truffle Tortelloni, 2 x 1kg
    Burrata & Black Truffle Tortelloni, 2 x 1kg
    This tortelloni pasta recently won the Great Taste Award, being described as ‘the perfect parcel of flavour’. The rich and indulgent burrata cheese is speckled with small pieces of black truffle, and wrapped in home-made egg pasta, creating a truly delicious mouthful.
  4. Giuseppe Giusti 5-Yr White Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
    Giuseppe Giusti 5-Yr White Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
    Developed by the esteemed Giuseppe family who have been producing some of the best Balsamic vinegars on the market for over 300 years. White balsamic vinegar has a slightly sweeter and sharper taste than dark balsamic vinegar, as it comes from a different type of grape. It tastes wonderful driz...
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  5. Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice, 500g
    Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice, 500g
    Acquerello rice is the only white rice in the world that is processed in a way that enriches the grains with its nutrient-rich germ, giving it a structure that can absorb more liquid when cooking as well as retaining a high nutritional value.    This amazing rice, which is sometimes aged ...
  6. Perello Gordal Pitted Green Olives Picante, 2kg
    Perello Gordal Pitted Green Olives Picante, 2kg
    Gordal means ‘the fat one’ in Spanish and it describes these succulent olives perfectly. Large, fleshy and incredibly moreish, these pitted olives come with a gentle kick from the Guindilla chilli in the marinade. The Gordal olive is similar in flavour and texture to the M...
  7. Lady Fingers (Savoiardi), 500g
    Lady Fingers (Savoiardi), 500g
    The traditional sponge fingers used for the classic Italian dessert tiramisu, Lady Fingers or Savoiardi, are crisp, light and deliciously moreish. Savoiardi make for a perfect tea time treat, and are ideal for dipping in beverages like coffee or even sweet dessert wine. Equally, these sweet and vers...
  8. Buy Fregola Online & in London UK
    Fregola, 500g
    Fregola is a type of traditional Sardinian pasta that looks very similar to giant couscous. It serves as a great alternative to rice and larger, more familiar pasta shapes. The beads are nicely chewy when cooked al dente and can be used as a phenomenal base for a salad. A typical fregola dish f...
  9. Buy Yellow Polenta Online & in London UK
    Yellow Polenta, 1kg
    Polenta is a true Italian store cupboard staple. It was traditionally a part of the peasant cuisine of Northern Italy, but now polenta has found its way around the world and into some of the finest restaurants. This polenta is made from organically grown corn of Piedmont, which is ground into meal. ...
  10. Buy Riseria Capittini Arborio Rice Online & In London UK
    Riseria Capittini Arborio Rice, 1kg
    Arborio rice is a traditional favourite for risottos. Short, starch-rich grains give a silky creaminess; the outer layer of each grain cooks while the centre retains the satisfying al dente bite that makes for a perfect risotto. 
  11. Buy Bigoli de Bassan Spaghetti Online & In London UK
    Bigoli de Bassan Spaghetti, 500g
    We all know the Italians make the best pasta and this bigoli from Venetian region is some of the best there is. Bigoli is a tube pasta, similar to spaghetti but doubled back on itself so that it is twice the length; it’s excellent at soaking up sauces for flavoursome meals. The traditional Ven...
  12. Buy Acquerello Carnaroli Risotto Rice Online & In London UK
    Acquerello Carnaroli Risotto Rice, 2.5kg
    This one-year aged organic rice is produced in northern Italy using artisanal methods. Carnaroli is a medium-grained rice with a high starch content that helps the grains hold their shape, doesn’t become sticky and is more resistant to overcooking than the well-known Arborio. A family-owned c...
  13. Buy Speck Granfetta Online & in London UK
    Speck Granfetta, +/-2.5kg
    Speck is a cured and smoked ham from the Tyrol region of Italy. It was traditionally farmers' fare, eaten as a source of energy during work. Today speck granfetta is a prized Italian product made from only the best cuts of pork exclusively from Italy. With a sweet and mildly smoky flavour, this spec...
  14. Buy Farro Spelt Wheat Online & In London UK
    Farro Spelt Wheat, 500g
    Spelt, or farro as it is known in Italy, is an ancient wheat grain that has been cultivated since 5000BC and is now enjoyed as a healthy, filling ingredient. It makes an excellent addition to salads and stews and, if ground, can be used in baking. Spelt has a much lower gluten content than common wh...
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  15. Giuseppe Giusti 15 & 20-Yr Balsamic Set
    Giuseppe Giusti 15 & 20-Yr Balsamic Set
    Special Price £97.85 Regular Price £108.95
    An attractive gift set from the celebrated Giuseppe Giusti estate. The 15 year old bottle of Balsamic has a delicious oaky undertone resulting from its time spent maturing in large oak barrels in the heart of Modena Italy. When drizzled on a roasted rack of juicy lamb or added to salad dressing the ...
  16. Giuseppe Giusti, 20-Year Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
    Giuseppe Giusti, 20-Year Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
    Aged for 20 years, this balsamic vinegar heralds from the heartland of Modena Italy, where the Giuseppe Giusti estate has been producing vinegars for over 300 years. It is thicker and sweeter in taste than our 15 year vinegar but, thanks to its underlying oak tang, can be used in a very similar mann...
  17. Giuseppe Giusti, 6-Year Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
    Giuseppe Giusti, 6-Year Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml
    Made from the finest grapes grown in the Modena area of Italy, this 6 year old Balsamic vinegar is aged in oak barrels to create a delightfully sweet taste but less thick and concentrated than older varieties like our 12, 15 and 20 year old Giusti bottle. This vinegar is designed for every day use. ...
  18. 12-Year Aged Balsamic de Modena, 100ml
    12-Year Aged Balsamic de Modena, 100ml
    This premium high quality 12 year aged Balsamic vinegar is made from the finest grapes, harvested in the Modena area. It is aged in small wooden barrels and is evaluated by the commission of certified tasters. It is rich in flavour and its minimum acidity is 4.5g/100ml. This exceptional vinegar is q...
  19. Anchovies in Oil, Chilled, 1kg
    Anchovies in Oil, Chilled, 1kg
    These luscious gourmet anchovies are first brined, then de scaled and filleted by hand to produce an intense flavour packed product. Used extensively in Italian cooking to give a background punch to sauces, or go on, bung them on a pizza.
  20. Buy Taggiasche Olive Paste Online & in London UK
    Taggiasche Olive Paste, 900g
    Taggiasche Olives are rare even in their native growing area of Liguria, Italy. This black olive taggiasche (pulpa di olive) uses the flavoursome olives to produce a rich puree. Try using it to make a tapenade by adding finely chopped anchovies and garlic and finishing with a glug of extra virg...
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