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Italian Hard Cheese

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  1. Truffle Pecorino, +/-1kg
    Truffle Pecorino, +/-1kg
     Italian truffles have been mixed into this wheel of Pecorino, giving the mild cheese a real burst of luxury, earthy flavour. Serve after dinner, with a glass of sherry or port.
  2. Buy Vento d´Estate Matured in Hay Online & In London UK
    Vento d'Estate Matured in Hay, +/-2.2kg
    Vento d’Estate is made with cow’s milk and aged for six months in mountain hay-filled barrels. The resulting flavour is light and subtly floral with a hint of hay lingering on the palate. Serve on an Italian cheese board with a selection of pickled figs and walnuts.
  3. Buy Semi-Mature Pecorino Online & In London UK
    Il Fiorino Semi-Mature Pecorino, +/-1.8kg
    Pecorino is a hard Italian ewe’s milk cheese often used to garnish pasta dishes or grace the after-dinner cheese board. This is a fairly mature pecorino with a firm, yet creamy consistency and a slightly fruity aroma and hints of rich, burnt caramel. The taste lingers on the palate so complime...
  4. Buy Mature Sardinian Pecorino Online & In London UK
    Mature Sardinian Pecorino, +/-3kg
    Made using sheep’s milk from a local Sardinian breed, this very special pecorino has a rounded and fruity flavour, tempered with a lingering nuttiness. The firm cheese makes a great addition to a cheese board and pairs particularly well with quince jam or jelly. 
  5. Buy Moliterno al Tartufo Online & In London UK
    Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo, +/-5.5kg
    Unlike other cheeses flavoured with truffle, moliterno al tartufo is aged to develop character before being injected with black truffle and then aged for a further five months. The flavour is phenomenal; sharp, savoury, punchy, deep with truffle earthiness – moliterno will cause a stir on your...
  6. Buy Il Fiorino Mature Pecorino Online & in London UK
    Il Fiorino Matured Pecorino, +/-1.8kg
    Pecorino is a fantastic hard cheese, made from sheep’s milk and goes beautifully with quince jelly and crackers. Made using traditional methods in the Tuscan region of Maremma, this is a well balanced, flavoursome cheese with a salty tang and slightly creamy consistency. Nutty, buttery flavour...
  7. Buy Fresh Pecorino Online & in London UK
    Il Fiorino Fresh Pecorino, +/-1.6kg
    Fresh pecorino is less familiar than mature pecorino, but it should never be underestimated. This fresh cheese is very tender, slightly stretchy and has quite a creamy consistency. Fresh pecorino is rather pungent and smells yeast-like, but its flavour is very mild and delicious. 
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  8. Buy Fontina Online & in London UK
    Fontina DOP, +/-2kg
    Fontina is a semi-soft Italian cheese and has been made in the Aosta Valley in the Alps since the twelfth century. This cheese is a DOP product. DOP stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta. It is the Italian term for the EU system of Protected Designation of Origin, which encompasses the laws t...
  9. Buy 24-month-parmesan Online & In London UK
    24 Month Reggiano Parmesan, +/-250g
    A grating of Parmesan over a bowl of pasta is a delightful thing but this 24 month-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano is worth appreciating for its own merits. Intensely flavoured with rich nuttiness, it is a salty and moreish cheese that is fantastic shaved over bresaola or enjoyed with a moon of crisp apple...
  10. Buy Pecorino Romano Online & in London UK
    Pecorino Romano, +/-3.5kg
    Pecorino Romano is a famous Italian cheese made from ewe’s milk. It was once a staple item for the legionnaires of ancient Rome, but is now a popular cheese that is enjoyed internationally. This Pecorino Romano has been aged for six months and is distinctly aromatic, with a pleasantly sharp an...
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