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World Cuisines

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  1. Rabbit Legs, Pack of 4, +/-1kg
    Rabbit Legs, Pack of 4, +/-1kg
    French rabbit legs are ideal for a casserole, seasonal vegetables and a good stock is all that is needed to make a fine dish. No need to fancy it up, just serve with mustard mash and enjoy the sweet tasting meat in a rich sauce.
  2. White Truffle Honey, Tartuflanghe, 260g
    White Truffle Honey, Tartuflanghe, 260g
    Tartuflanghe White Truffle Honey combines the finest honey with the rich taste and aroma of White Truffles. It is best enjoyed with a sharp tasting well matured Italian cheese. Open the lid and enjoy the overpowering smell of White truffle that will fill the room...Traditionally Truffle Honey is eat...
  3. Buy Boneless Parma Ham +/- 7kg Online in London UK
    Boneless Parma Ham, +/-7kg
    Parma ham, or prosciutto di Parma is the best known of the family of Italian air-dried hams. It is made by traditional artisan methods according to strict rules protected under European law. After salting, the legs are preserved by drying in the gentle breezes of the Parma region, which is considere...
  4. Pomegranate Molasses, Cortas, 500ml
    Pomegranate Molasses, Cortas, 500ml
    A thick fragrant syrup of pomegranate, these pomegranate molasses are of the finest quality. Use to brush over chicken or duck before roasting to ensure crispy skin and a zesty flavour. It works well in marinades and dressings. It is a sublime mixture of sweet and tart and is extensively used in Med...
  5. Buy Frozen Bluefin Tuna Belly (Toro) Online & In London UK
    Bluefin Tuna (Otoro) for Sashimi, Frozen, +/-500g
    Bluefin tuna belly, or toro as it is also known, is one of the most prized cuts of the highly regarded fish. Only a small portion of it is available on each tuna so it commands a high price, but when it melts like butter in your mouth you will see why it is so sought after. This ...
  6. Iberico Pork Loin Lomo, Frozen, +/-1kg
    Iberico Pork Loin Lomo, Frozen, +/-1kg
    Pata Negra (black-footed pigs) are fed on acorns throughout their lives, giving them flavour and texture like no other. The delicate meat melts in your mouth thanks to its rich marbling and the sweet nutty flavour is quite different from normal pork. 
  7. US Prime Grain-Fed Fillet Steaks, Frozen, 2 x 175g
    US Prime Grain-Fed Fillet Steaks, Frozen, 2 x 175g
    US beef is recognised worldwide as tender, juicy and beautifully marbled. The cattle is fed on grass but is finished for the last 100 days on a carefully balanced grain diet, making the beef sweet and succulent with a noticeable improvement in marbling throughout the muscle. With so much more flavou...
  8. US Prime Grain-Fed Ribeye, Frozen, +/-400g
    US Prime Grain-Fed Ribeye, Frozen, +/-400g
    Simply superb in flavour and texture, we source our grain fed ribeye steak straight from Kansas City. Famous worldwide for producing the best beef in the USA, the meat has a good marbling content and is rich in flavour. 
  9. Snail in their shells with garlic butter
    Snails Prepared In Shells, Frozen, x 24
    Our Snails come in their shells and are ready for the oven. Packed with herb and garlic butter these little beauties should be served sizzling - 12-15 minutes in a hot oven will do the trick. Use as many as you need and store the rest in the freezer. 
  10. Gorgonzola (DOP) Quarter Wheel, +/-1.5kg
    Gorgonzola (DOP) Quarter Wheel, +/-1.5kg
    Gorgonzola is a traditional Italian blue cheese produced by creamery co-operatives. The greenish-blue mould imparts a sharp, spicy flavour and provides an excellent contrast to the rich, creamy cheese. Gorgonzola is made in the northern Italian village which gives the cheese its name. Gorgonzola rip...
  11. Parmigiano Reggiano, 1kg
    Parmigiano Reggiano, 1kg
    Parmigiano Reggiano is without a doubt the finest Italian hard cheese available. It comes from the Lombardy region of northern Italy, more specifically Emilia Romagna and is considered the gourmet choice of hard cheeses. Although many people use it as a grating cheese, the Italians consider it far m...
  12. Buy Tallegio 2kg online London
    Taleggio, +/-2kg
    Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese from the Valtaleggio region in northern Italy, near Lombardy. It is characteristically aromatic yet mild in flavour and features tangy, robust notes with a fruity finish. The texture of the cheese is melting at room temperature. The combination of the soft...
  13. Buy Frozen Wood Pigeon Breast Online & in London UK
    Wood Pigeon Breast, Fresh, x 10
    Wood pigeon breast is the perfect size for a starter. It is best served medium rare and if cooked correctly is tender and full of flavour. It is delicious served with a rich buttery parsnip puree and creamed leeks. These breasts have been skinned and prepared, ready to go straight into your pan.
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  14. Jamon Iberico, Sliced, 100g
    Jamon Iberico, Sliced, 100g
    Pata Negra is the name of a superior breed of black footed pig. Pata Negra literally means black foot. These pigs forage for two and a half years on acorns and roots, and roam freely all their lives. The acorns give their meat a rich, buttery flavour, and this Iberian ham is considered to be as good...
  15. Morteau Sausage, +/-400g
    Morteau Sausage, +/-400g
    The Morteau sausage, also known as the Belle de Morteau, is a traditional smoked sausage from the Morteau region of France. It is smoked in pyramidal chimneys, called tuys, and is a strongly flavoured and very dense uncooked sausage. In order for a Morteau sausage to be deemed authentic, it mus...
  16. Red Mustard Frills, Micro Herb, 30g
    Red Mustard Frills, Micro Herb, 30g
    The red mustard frills have a striking red blushed appearance and an intense mustard taste. Try with cold beef dishes rather than horseradish or add to salads for a unique flavour.
  17. Buy Garlic Chives Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Garlic Chives Micro Herb, 30g
    These garlic chives combine the delicate flavour of onion with a delicious blast of garlic. They taste fantastic in creamy mashed potato, quiches and tarts. They also make a great alternative to spring onions.
  18. Buy Amaranth Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Amaranth Micro Herb, 30g
    Part of a larger family of leaves and seeds, amaranth micro-greens add not only fabulous flavour to dishes, they also add a dazzling burst of colour.  These tender purple-red leaves are slightly sweet and reminiscent of baby beetroot in taste; use them in salads or as an accompaniment to all ty...
  19. Buy Pea Shoots Micro Herb Online & in London UK
    Pea Shoots, 100g
    Sweet, tender and fresh describes these wonderful pea shoots perfectly. The delicate micro herbs have a distinctive sweet pea flavour and are delicious in so many dishes. Top off a stir fry with them, add to salads and sandwiches, serve them alongside freshly grilled fish or scallops, the possi...
  20. Red Chard Micro Herb, 30g
    Red Chard Micro Herb, 30g
    Mild flavour and juicy texture, the red stems contrast with the bright green leaves. Try it added to a buerre blanc or to a stir fry at the last minute.
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