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  1. Buy Truffle Salami Online & in London UK
    Truffle Salami, +/-450g
    This artisan pork salami has been beautifully enriched with black truffle and truffle oil. Made in the hilly Maremma region of Tuscany, the salami is produced from selected cuts of pork, then seasoned and left to age. It is bright red in colour, speckled with fat and has a unique and indulgent flavo...
  2. Iberico Charcuterie Taster Set, x 3, 2kg - 10% OFF
    Iberico Charcuterie Taster Set, x 3, 2kg - 10% OFF
    Iberico pork and ham really are the icing on the cake when it comes to specialist charcuterie. Free-range, well-exercised and fed on an acorn and shrub-based diet, the meat from these 'black foot' pigs is dark in colour with a deep, rich taste and a generous marbling of fat.  This three-part se...
  3. 100% Bellotta Iberico Ham 42-54 Month, +/-250g
    100% Bellotta Iberico Ham 42-54 Month, +/-250g
    This is simply the best of the best in the charcuterie world. Juan Pedro Domecq use wholly traditional artisan methods to rear and cure the lampiño Iberico pigs. They roam free in the Dehesa, or acorn woods, and enjoy four months of an acorn-rich diet during the Montanera, or acorn season. Th...
  4. Salami with Truffle, +/-200g
    Salami with Truffle, +/-200g
    Truffled Salami or Salame al Tartufo is the ultimate luxury when it comes to the charcuterie platter. These 350g pieces of finest grade salami are speckled with summer truffle pieces and give off that wonderful truffle aroma that is subtle and not too over powering. These make for a wonderful gift, ...
  5. Iberico Belotta Hamper
    Iberico Belotta Hamper
    This is a beautiful hamper for any charcuterie lover - some of the finest cured pork products all packaged into a tasteful wicker hamper. These charcuterie meats are all of the highest quality, fed on acorns which gives the meat a richer and more unctuous flavour. Included in this hamper are also Sp...
  6. Award Winning Duck Rillette 100%, 1kg
    Award Winning Duck Rillette 100%, 1kg
    This award winning rillette of duck is so good, it has been awarded a gold star in 'The Great Taste' awards. Made in the traditional manner of curing the duck legs in an aromatic salt cure, then confiting them in their own fat and finally., shredding them to make a soft unctuous confit This is a pre...
  7. Saucisson Dry Cured Sausage, 200g
    Saucisson Dry Cured Sausage, 200g
    This lovely, thick, dry cured sausage is made in France. A mixture of finest pork and other meats, all wrapped up in seasoning and dry cured, it is a wonderful treat to have squirrelled away for the cold weather.
  8. Jamon Serrano, Whole Leg, 7.5-8kg
    Jamon Serrano, Whole Leg, 7.5-8kg
    Beautiful whole leg of Serrano Ham - Reared in the wild, and free to roam and forage, Jamon Serrano is the rich product of the White pig(Duroc). The addition of cereals to the diet adds to the richness and texture of the ham. This is a wonderful whole leg of Serrano and is a great spectacle on your ...
  9. Jamon Iberico Bellota, Red Label, 30-36 Month, 8-9kg
    Jamon Iberico Bellota, Red Label, 30-36 Month, 8-9kg
    One of the gems of the charcuterie world, Jamon Iberico Bellota is one of the finest cured hams in the world. This whole ham is a real showstopper in addition to being delicious and is ideal of those special occasions. Jamon Iberico is also known as Pata Negra, which literally translated means black...
  10. Buy Iberico Acorn Fed Salchichon Online at Fine Food Specialist & in London UK
    Iberico Acorn Fed Salchichon, +/-500g
    We're fans of salami here at Fine Food Specialist, and none more so than this amazing Iberico salami. The free range pigs that this salami is produced from roam the forests and subsist on a diet completely made from acorns which gives the salami a deep, nutty flavour. Keep it simple and serve it sli...
  11. Iberico Bellota Chorizo, +/-500g
    Iberico Bellota Chorizo, +/-500g
    The highest quality Iberico Chorizo, fed on acorns (bellota). These 'Pata Negra' (black foot) pigs are free range and hung for 24 months producing the highest grade chorizo that is second to none. Tantalize your tastebuds with this exquisite Spanish artisan chorizo.
  12. Lomo Iberico, No.1 Grade, +/-750g
    Lomo Iberico, No.1 Grade, +/-750g
    Some of the finest charcuterie available form Southern Spain. No.1 Grade Lomo Iberico is simply stunning. Acorn fed and free range, this cured pork fillet comes from the 'Black Leg' pigs. Their diet of acorns fattens them up and gives them the most delightful flavour. Rich, buttery, and mouthwaterin...
  13. Morteau Sausage, +/-400g
    Morteau Sausage, +/-400g
    The Morteau sausage, also known as the Belle de Morteau, is a traditional smoked sausage from the Morteau region of France. It is smoked in pyramidal chimneys, called tuys, and is a strongly flavoured and very dense uncooked sausage. In order for a Morteau sausage to be deemed authentic, it mus...
  14. Jamon Iberico, Sliced, 100g
    Jamon Iberico, Sliced, 100g
    Pata Negra is the name of a superior breed of black footed pig. Pata Negra literally means black foot. These pigs forage for two and a half years on acorns and roots, and roam freely all their lives. The acorns give their meat a rich, buttery flavour, and this Iberian ham is considered to be as good...
  15. Laguiole Steak Knife, White
    Laguiole Steak Knife, White
    Laguiole steak knives are carefully crafted by the cutlers of Andre Verdier cutlery. They are lovingly made in France using specialist techniques that have been passed down through generations. From tip to handle this elegant knife will make a strong statement at the dinner table.
  16. Artisan Salami Trio Gift Box
    Artisan Salami Trio Gift Box
    This gift box full of our three favourite French salamis, is the perfect present for meat-lovers! It includes three flavoured salamis: smoked, herb and wild-boar. The salami rolled in a mix of twelve herbs (including cumin, paprika, oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, parsley, and chervil). T...
  17. Salami with Spices, +/-200g
    Salami with Spices, +/-200g
    This salami is covered in hot spices, giving the rich pork a spicy kick. Perfect addition to any charcuterie board for those who love heat!
  18. Smoked Salami, +/-200g
    Smoked Salami, +/-200g
    This delicious ‘saucisson fume’ is made by smoking the pork at the time that is dried and hung, which is where the rich, but subtle smoked aroma in the sausage is produced. This procedure also gives the salami sausage a dark red and brown colour. It is an absolute delight to eat, with a ...
  19. Festive Candied Clementines, +/- 250g
    Festive Candied Clementines, +/- 250g
    These clementines have been candied whole in an old-fashioned sugar syrup. They are light in colour and full of non-bitter, sweet citrus flavour, with a soft texture. They can be used to decorate pastry, or try coating in chocolate for a festive and delicious treat.
  20. Jamon Iberico Cebo, Green Label, 24 Month, 8-8.5kg
    Jamon Iberico Cebo, Green Label, 24 Month, 8-8.5kg
    An absolute delight in the charcuterie world, Jamon Iberico Cebo de Campo, is one of the finest cured meats in the world. The Iberian Cebo de Campo pig is 75% pure Iberican; the mother is 100% Iberian whilst the father is 50% Iberian. Their diet is based on a mixture of acorns, grain and legumes whi...
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