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  1. Acacia Honey with Truffles, 110g
    Acacia Honey with Truffles, 110g
    This black truffle truffle honey comes from Italy. It is deliciously smooth, with an aromatic flavour of black truffle balancing out the sweetness of the acacia honey. It is the perfect accompaniment to a festive cheeseboards or also pairs well with foie gras platters.
  2. Kamebishi Soy Sauce, 3 year old, 200ml
    Kamebishi Soy Sauce, 3 year old, 200ml
    Traditionally made and matured for three years, this stunning soy sauce is made using four ingredients, perfectly balancing the unami flavour with acidity, sweetness and saltiness. This is a fantastic soy sauce to use for dipping sauces, perhaps with a plate of delicious gyozas. This is the perfect...
  3. Yuzu Mayonnaise, 175g
    Yuzu Mayonnaise, 175g
    With a fruity taste and slightly tart undertones of lemon and grapefruit, this yuzu mayonnaise is a delicious accompaniment to seafood canapes, especially paired with salmon or crab. Alternatively, try spreading on toast or in sandwiches, or as a dip with tortilla chips and crisps.
  4. Fruit Mostarda Trio, 3 x 950g
    Fruit Mostarda Trio, 3 x 950g
    This fruit mostarda trio includes orange, pear and fig flavours which have been candied in sugar and carefully mixed with mustard flavour. Mostarda di frutta is a typical north Italian condiment with piquant-sweet undertones, ideally matched with cold cuts of meat and mature cheeses. ...
  5. Christmas Pudding Marmalade, 340g
    Christmas Pudding Marmalade, 340g
    This Christmas pudding marmalade by Ouse Valley is a scrumptiously original take on the traditional orange marmalade. Combining sultanas, cherries, currants, brandy, orange and spices, this marmalade makes for a luxurious and festive breakfast treat or afternoon tea essential. It is an ideal item to...
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  6. Fresh Yuzu Juice, 200ml
    Fresh Yuzu Juice, 200ml
    This zesty Japanese citrus fruit is celebrated as a new super-food due to its incredibly high level of Vitamin C.  With tart, sharp flavours, often likened to a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin, fresh Yuzu juice boasts a potent and zingy flavour. This 100% fresh Yuzu juice contains no ...
  7. Buy Seaweed Relish Online & In London UK
    Seaweed Relish, Fresh, 1kg
    Seaweed salad meets tartare sauce in this tangy seaweed relish. Made using fresh seaweed that has been marinated and seasoned, the texture is delicate and the flavour piquant and slightly mustardy. It is an excellent relish to stir through noodles or serve with seafood. Try with fish cakes or batter...
  8. Buy Sudachi Konbu Ponzu Online & in London UK
    Sudachi Konbu Ponzu, 300ml
    Sudachi is a type of Japanese citrus fruit. It has been combined with traditional kombu seaweed stock to make this delicious ponzu sauce. It has a savoury, tangy flavour with an intense aroma that is reminiscent of the sea. Serve this Japanese condiment alongside your plate of sushi or add a few dro...
  9. Buy Sake Vinegar Online & in London UK
    Sake Vinegar, 300ml
    Sake vinegar, or rice vinegar, is an essential Japanese product to keep in the store cupboard. It is used in a variety of traditional dishes besides sushi, and is a major ingredient in Japanese cuisine. This translucent liquor has a pure and refined taste. It will add the perfect, clean yet tangy fl...
  10. Buy Citrus Ponzu Sauce Online & in London UK
    Citrus Ponzu Sauce, 300ml
    This is a classic ponzu sauce that has been made using a total of five different Japanese citrus fruits. The result is a wonderfully fresh, tart and slightly sweet sauce that can add that little extra tang to your dish. This dynamic ingredient is perfect for finishing off your stir-fry, marinade, sa...
  11. Buy Black Seaweed Vinegar Online & in London UK
    Black Kombu Seaweed Vinegar, 300ml
    This black kombu seaweed vinegar is made with high quality kombu seaweed, unpolished sticky rice vinegar, honey, brown sugar and light soy sauce. It has a rich sweet and sour flavour that comes across as almost fruity. It is an intriguing and dynamic Japanese ingredient to have in the larder and to ...
  12. Buy Black Garlic Vinegar Online & in London UK
    Black Garlic Vinegar, 300ml
    Black garlic vinegar is made using black garlic cloves that have been left to mature in sake vinegar. The liquid is very dark and has a strong smoky aroma. Its flavour is very rich and distinctive, with hints of caramelised garlic running through. This Japanese vinegar is perfect for seasoning and m...
  13. Buy Orchard Apple Mostarda Online & in London UK
    Orchard Apple Mostarda, 140g
    Apple mostarda is an excellent gift or addition to your larder. It is more of a condiment or a relish than a mustard. A mostarda was originally a way of preserving fruits and vegetables during the winter months. It is made with fine slices of candied apple which are then placed into a thick syrup, f...
  14. Pickled Sushi Ginger, 190g
    Pickled Sushi Ginger, 190g
    Paper thin slivers of pickled ginger, also known as gari, make the perfect accompaniment to sushi and other rice dishes and stir fries. The sweet and slightly sour tanginess of the pickle is a great palette cleanser. 
  15. Garlic Parsley Butter, From Frozen, 200g
    Garlic Parsley Butter, From Frozen, 200g
    This handy little sausage of butter, infused with the sharper notes of garlic and parsley, is a kitchen godsend and a fantastic shortcut for when you don't fancy mixing your own buttery melange. Simply cut into rounds and use as you need - make garlic bread with a twist (post thin rounds in pre-cut ...
  16. Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Set, 4 x 250ml, 10% Off
    Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Set, 4 x 250ml, 10% Off
    If you are looking to really spoil a foodie this Christmas, look no further - this beautiful gift set of four decorative bottles contains some of the finest balsamic vinegar on the market, ranging from 6-20 years in age. The set's versatility is what makes it a really great and interesting buy - the...
  17. Giuseppe Giusti 6 & 12-Yr Balsamic Set, 10% Off
    Giuseppe Giusti 6 & 12-Yr Balsamic Set, 10% Off
    Like fine wine, the key ingredient of these gorgeous vinegars is patience. Years of patient waiting while they mature quietly in aged oak casks, and the result is more than worth it. This gift set contains one young-ish and one middle-aged vinegar in attractively-labelled bottles, which will look wo...
  18. Buy Bone Marrow Butter Online & in London UK
    Bone Marrow Butter, From Frozen, 200g
    We are delighted to have sourced this fantastic product. Bone marrow butter is the perfect treat for the home cook who loves nose to tail eating. Made by simply blending bone marrow with butter and seasonings to give an ultra rich finish. It is delicious whisked into a rich veal jus and will take yo...
  19. Quince Paste, 170g
    Quince Paste, 170g
    Membrillo is the Spanish term for quince paste, and is known for being the perfect accompaniment for any cheese board. The sweetness in the quince paste contrasts with the saltiness found In cheese. This membrillo quince paste has a firm texture and is made only from the finest Spanish quince fruits...
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