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French Ingredients

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  1. Raclette, +/1kg
    Raclette, +/1kg
    This French mountain cheese is traditionally cooked on a raclette machine that heats the cheese, to be drizzled on-top of potatoes, and served with a range of cured meat and cornichons. The washed-rind of the cheese is a brown/orange colour, with a semi hard with a mild flavour, and a slightly ripe...
  2. Roue Cendree, Unpasteurised, +/-200g
    Roue Cendree, Unpasteurised, +/-200g
    Matured over a period of four weeks, this doughnut shaped French cheese is made from raw goat’s milk. The black colour comes from charcoal that the rind is covered in. The cheese inside is soft, and it’s aroma becomes concentrated as it matures. Best paired with a dry white wine.
  3. Rabbit Legs, Pack of 4, +/-1kg
    Rabbit Legs, Pack of 4, +/-1kg
    French rabbit legs are ideal for a casserole, seasonal vegetables and a good stock is all that is needed to make a fine dish. No need to fancy it up, just serve with mustard mash and enjoy the sweet tasting meat in a rich sauce.
  4. Tomme de Savoie, Fermier, Whole Wheel, +/-2kg
    Tomme de Savoie, Fermier, Whole Wheel, +/-2kg
    Tomme is a regional cheese made on the slopes of the French Alps. This is Tomme Fermier, meaning raw, un pasturised full fat cow's milk has been used which produces a richer and far superior cheese. Tomme has a thick rind and a rich buttery centre that is very moreish...
  5. Snail in their shells with garlic butter
    Snails Prepared In Shells, Frozen, x 24
    Our Snails come in their shells and are ready for the oven. Packed with herb and garlic butter these little beauties should be served sizzling - 12-15 minutes in a hot oven will do the trick. Use as many as you need and store the rest in the freezer. 
  6. Morteau Sausage, +/-400g
    Morteau Sausage, +/-400g
    The Morteau sausage, also known as the Belle de Morteau, is a traditional smoked sausage from the Morteau region of France. It is smoked in pyramidal chimneys, called tuys, and is a strongly flavoured and very dense uncooked sausage. In order for a Morteau sausage to be deemed authentic, it mus...
  7. Quails, Oven Ready, Chilled, 4 x +/-200g
    Quails, Oven Ready, Chilled, 4 x +/-200g
    Our oven-ready, bone-in Quails are small and plump with a delicious flavour, perfect for roasting, grilling, and casseroling. These are prime quality quail with no bruising or dry patches, a notch above the best available in butchers and supermarkets. Please note: Although they are oven ready, the ...
  8. Frogs Legs Frozen, 1kg (8/12)
    Frogs Legs Frozen, 1kg (8/12)
    Frogs Legs make a delicious starter, just dip in tempura batter and deep fry until pale brown and crispy. Not only a speciality of French cuisine, Frogs legs are savoured in the Canton part of China as well.
  9. Coeur De Neufchatel, +/-200g
    Coeur De Neufchatel, +/-200g
    Neufchatel is one of the oldest cheeses in France. It is shaped as a heart and that is why it is called Coeur de Neufchatel - Coeur meaning heart...It is soft, and delightful!
  10. Buy bleu de basque Online & in London UK
    Bleu de Basque, +/-500g
    Bleu de Basque is a delicious sheep's milk cheese, with a complex flavour. The cheese itself is firmer than most blue cheese which makes for a very satisfying mouthful. Delicious eaten with grapes, truffle honey or red wine.
  11. Salami with Truffle, +/-200g
    Salami with Truffle, +/-200g
    Truffled Salami or Salame al Tartufo is the ultimate luxury when it comes to the charcuterie platter. These 350g pieces of finest grade salami are speckled with summer truffle pieces and give off that wonderful truffle aroma that is subtle and not too over powering. These make for a wonderful gift, ...
  12. Pied Bleu, Fresh
    Pied Bleu, Fresh
    The blue hued stem of this delicious mushroom is what gives the Pied Bleu its name: blue foot. Due to the strong fragrance and distinctive flavour of Pied Bleu mushrooms I combine them with strongly flavoured vegetables such as onions and leeks.
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  13. Pied de Mouton, Fresh
    Pied de Mouton, Fresh
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    The Pied de Mouton season is usually October to February. These light tasting peppery Pied de Moutons are best cooked slowly in casseroles and soups. Known in England as Hedgehog Mushroom, Pied de Mouton means sheep's foot in French.
  14. Handmade Confit Duck Leg, x 2
    Handmade Confit Duck Leg, x 2
    These confit duck legs are the best we have found. Soft and smooth like butter, both the fat and the meat deliver the most wonderful aromatic flavour. Hints of juniper, thyme, bay and other spice will give you a mouthful to remember. Perfectly seasoned and quite simply outstanding, this duck confit ...
  15. Saint Nectaire Fermier, 1.6kg
    Saint Nectaire Fermier, 1.6kg
    Made from cow's milk in Auvergne, and sporting a rough, 'peasant-style' rind, this cheese has been around since the 17th century. The cheese itself is semi-hard with a smooth bite - pleasurable to sink the teeth into - and, thanks to storage in the vicinity of the region's natural flora, has fragran...
  16. Gourmet French Artisan Cheese Hamper
    Gourmet French Artisan Cheese Hamper
    For people who like it pure and simple, we present this cheese hamper - it's 1kg of 100% French artisan cheese with a great selection of soft cheese, blue cheese and goat's cheese. We have included our selection of biscuits for cheese to accompany, as well as a pot of black truffle honey to drizzle ...
  17. Bourbonnais Milk-Fed Rack of Lamb, Frozen, x 9 Chops
    Bourbonnais Milk-Fed Rack of Lamb, Frozen, x 9 Chops
    Traditional French lamb is a treat to munch on, and lamb rack is one of the prettiest-looking dishes out there, thanks to the delicate, basket-like arrangement of the ‘Frenched’ bones and tiny chops. Milk-fed lamb, being much more tender and succulent than any other kind, is a wonderful ...
  18. Oven Ready Yellow Leg Chicken, Red Label, +/-1.5kg
    Oven Ready Yellow Leg Chicken, Red Label, +/-1.5kg
    These amazing birds have had it all; brought up in Landes, France, they have been fed a rich corn diet and allowed to roam at their own sweet will, making their meat naturally rich and tender, with a much healthier fat content than your average chicken. Taste it once and your whole idea of chicken w...
  19. Corn Fed Chicken Supremes, 4 x +/-250g
    Corn Fed Chicken Supremes, 4 x +/-250g
    Yellow corn-fed chicken is so utterly divine that you’ll want to eat it forever after, and these supremes are a great way of speeding up the cooking, just in case you’re busier than you’d like to be when the cravings hit… Chicken with Creamy Morel Sauce Recipe - click here.   
  20. Barbary Duck Breast, Fresh, 2 x +/-200g
    Barbary Duck Breast, Fresh, 2 x +/-200g
    Also known as Muscovy duck, this particular breed has slightly leaner, firmer meat than most and needs careful cooking to give it the perfect tender, moist finish it needs to be truly excellent. These breasts are free range and have fed on a wide variety of natural foods which add to their rich flav...
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