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French Ingredients

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  1. Buy Mini Eclairs Assortment Online in London UK
    Mini Eclairs Assortment, x 48
    Arguably France's most popular pastry, the eclair is a classic patisserie staple which makes a wonderfully light sweet treat. Consisting of light choux pastry filled with rich crème pâtissière and glazed with a variety of vibrant flavours, this mini eclair assortment is idea...
  2. Assorted Winter Macaroons, Frozen, 48 pcs
    Assorted Winter Macaroons, Frozen, 48 pcs
    There’s nothing like the feathery crunch of a macaroon, and now you can get the finest French macaroons for your next party, all prepared and ready to serve. Easy! These unique and delicious flavours are bound to hit the spot every time; you can choose between (or eat all of) apple and cinnamo...
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  3. Buy Petit Fours All Chocolate Online in London UK
    Ready-to-Serve Chocolate Petits Fours, 7 x 10
    Chocoholics will jump for joy when you produce this tray of delights! All of them contain some kind of chocolate, but there’s enough variety to suit everybody, whether they prefer fruit or something a bit sweeter. There are five different types to choose from – chocolate fondant, opera b...
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  4. Buy Petits Fours Mixed Assortment Online in London UK
    Ready-To-Serve Petits Fours, Frozen, 7 x 9 Pieces
    If you like your patisserie, but never quite know what to choose, this party selection of minis is for you – a delicious variety of tarts, buns and cakes to satisfy even the most finicky of guests, which are also small enough to allow you to scoff several without feeling funny. The box include...
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  5. Buy Petits Fours Fruit Tartlets, Frozen
    Petits Fours Fruit Tartlets, Frozen, 7 x 8 Pieces
    For a sophisticated nibble, these beautifully-presented tartlets are very hard to beat. You can serve them for afternoon tea or for a cocktail party, and can be sure they’ll be a big hit every time. There are seven different flavours to choose from too (chestnut and coconut, lemon cream, redcu...
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  6. Ultimate French Hamper
    Ultimate French Hamper
    Dreaming of dinner in Paris? Now you can bring a selection of French cuisine straight to your door. This extensive French hamper includes a range of sweet and savoury, luxurious delicacies from all over France. Treat yourself to two different types of Foie Gras, one from the famous Rougie brand &nd...
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  7. Cherry Vinegar, 250ml
    Cherry Vinegar, 250ml
    Cherry vinegar is a luxury essential in Italian cuisine. The sharp but sweet flavour of the vinegar not only goes amazingly well with savoury dishes but also in desserts. It can be drizzled on traditional tricolour salads or, at Christmas time used in a sauce for poultry dishes, such as duck or turk...
  8. Reine De Dijon Wholegrain Mustard 2.1kg
    Reine De Dijon Wholegrain Mustard 2.1kg
    A traditional French product, this authentic wholegrain mustard will add a delicious heat to any meal. The mustard is made from yellow and brown mustard seeds and especially enhances the flavour of red meats - try spreading this tasty French mustard on a warm baguette with roast beef..
  9. Black Pudding with Apple, Fresh, +/-1kg
    Black Pudding with Apple, Fresh, +/-1kg
    Very different from English black pudding, this French Boudin is made with pork blood, apples, onions and seasoning. The flavour from the apple makes the overall taste of the sausages very aromatic. The ingredients do not include flour, making them less fatty than regular black pudding and an overal...
  10. Free Range Landais Capon, Red label, +/-4kg
    Free Range Landais Capon, Red label, +/-4kg
    Capons are 'unmanned' roosters, which (thanks to their lower hormone production) double in size, become far more tender and have a less gamey flavour than the average chicken. We source our free range birds from France, where they have lived in the best possible conditions to ensure you get the best...
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  11. Normandy Butter with Sea-Salt, From Frozen, 250g
    Normandy Butter with Sea-Salt, From Frozen, 250g
    This traditional Normandy butter is salted with sea-salt crystals from Guerande, boasting a rich, smooth texture. Made from the milk of Normandy cows, its sensationally creamy texture is perfect for spreading on hot toast or combined with your favourite French speciality cheese. 
  12. Buy Mixed Mini Croissant Online & In London UK
    Mixed Mini Pastries, Bake-From-Frozen, 135 x 30g
    There’s nothing better than a hearty breakfast and everybody loves a bit of choice. This set of mini viennoisserie offers a selection plain, chocolate and crème pâtissière croissant and the size means you’ll have plenty of room to try them all! Serve with a cup of fre...
  13. Buy Ready to Bake Pain au Chocolat Online & In London UK
    Pain au Chocolat, Frozen Ready-to-Bake, 70 x 75g
    The French know their stuff when it comes to breakfast time. Pain au chocolat are a popular type of viennoisserie made from layers of buttery puff pastry rolled around chocolate and unsurprisingly, they are loved by children and adults alike. These ready-to-bake pain au chocolat can be cooked straig...
  14. Buy Laguiole Steak Knives Online & in London UK
    Laguiole Steak Knives, Set of 6, Red
    These Laguiole steak knives are carefully crafted by the cutlers of Andre Verdier cutlery. They are lovingly made in France using specialist techniques that have been passed down through generations.  From tip to handle these elegant knives will make a strong statement at the dinner table. This...
  15. Buy Tete de Moine AOP Online & In London UK
    Tete de Moine AOP, +/-850g
    The semi-hard cow’s milk cheese is cut in an unusual way. Using a sharp knife a very thin shaving is scraped from the top of the wheel to create a frilly rosette. This is said to develop the flavour and aroma by allowing oxygen to flow over the increased surface area. Tete de Moine is made in ...
  16. Sainte Maure de Touraine AOP, 250g
    Sainte Maure de Touraine AOP, 250g
    A stunning example of a Loire Valley goat’s cheese, the Sainte Maure de Touraine is rich and melt-in-the-mouth. The log is dense and creamy with a lovely full-flavour and distinctive tang but it is noticeably less salty than other goat’s cheeses from the region.
  17. Buy Chaource AOP Online & In London UK
    Chaource AOP, 500g
    Chaource is a soft cow’s milk cheese from the Champagne-Ardenne region of France where it has been produced in the village of Chaource since the Middle Ages. The smooth texture is indulgently creamy and richer than Camembert or Brie. The edible rind is velveteen and adds to the cheese’s ...
  18. Buy Brie Mariotte Online & In London UK
    Brie Mariotte, 1kg
    This smooth and creamy brie is a fantastic choice for soft cheese-lovers. The wheel is great for a party and a wedge will sit really well on a varied cheese board. Try complimenting the mild flavour with a juicy fig or lightly tangy chutney, accompanied by crackers. 
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  19. Buy Artisan Bordier Butter Trio Online & In London UK
    Artisan Bordier Butter Trio, From Frozen, 3 x 125g
    Butter is such an everyday ingredient that we often don’t give it much thought, but when you try a product like this artisan butter it’s hard not to sit up and take notice. Using milk from local farmers, the Brittany-based producer is the last artisan butter maker still kneading the chur...
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  20. Buy French Gariguette Strawberries Online & In London UK
    French Gariguette Strawberries, 250g
    Possibly the sweetest and most fragrant strawberries you’ll ever taste, the gariguette is the epitome of everything you’d look for in this much-loved summer fruit. The small berries glisten ruby-red in sunlight and the sugared scent gives way to juicy mouthful of sweet, floral flavour. O...
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