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Chinese Ingredients

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  1. Fine Chinese Tea Trio Gift Box
    Fine Chinese Tea Trio Gift Box
    This trio includes Jasmine Green Tea Pearls, Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs (made from jasmine flowers and needle green tea leaves), and Damask Roses. All of the teas are low in caffeine, and aid detoxifying, hydration, digestion and enhance relaxation! They have been described as the ‘Dom Perignon of ...
  2. Chinese Pancakes, 102 wrappers, Frozen, 2 x 1.02kg
    Chinese Pancakes, 102 wrappers, Frozen, 2 x 1.02kg
    These pancakes are perfect to wrap duck, lamb, seafood or vegetables. The pancakes can be steamed in a steamer for 6 minutes or microwaved, until they are hot and ready to fill! Amazing with hoisin duck to make crispy Chinese pancakes..
  3. Bamboo Handle Glass Tea Pot
    Bamboo Handle Glass Tea Pot
    This is the perfect teapot for two people to drink herbal Chinese tea, with a beautiful and unique bamboo wooden handle to pour with. The pot is made from borosilicate glass, which can withstand heat from up to 400 degrees. The inner glass filter stops any loose bits of tea from entering the tea cup...
  4. Buy Bok Choi Online & In London UK
    Bok Choi, 1kg
    Bok choi is a type of Chinese cabbage that is part of the mustard family. The word is from the Cantonese language and literally means ‘white vegetable’. The stems are indeed white with a crisp, crunchy texture, leading into green, cabbage-like leaves. It is one of the most common vegetab...
  5. Lychee, +/-1kg
    Lychee, +/-1kg
    Lychees are a wonderfully delicious fruit. The gnarly pinkish skin is easily peeled back to reveal milky white flesh that, when bitten into, releases heavenly juice full of honeyed sweetness. They are popular in many parts of Asia where they are often used in desserts. The fruit has a long history o...
  6. Buy Kumquots Online in London UK
    Kumquats, +/-1kg
    Kumquots are a delightful and fun addition for garnish. Eat the whole fruit, skin on and all. The taste starts off very sharp and tangy and then turns sweet and citrus like. Delightful to pop in the mouth as a palet cleanser...
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  7. Fine Tea Gift Set 2
    Fine Tea Gift Set 2
    This stunning fine tea gift set is a great way to sample these amazing Chinese teas. This Gift Set Contains: Jasmine Green Tea Pearls 20g - Enough for 100 cups Damask Rose Buds 10g - Enough for 50 cups Flowering Jasmine Green Tea - Enough to make 1.5 Litres of tea Brew with boiled water and...
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