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  1. Red Butterfly Sorrel, 8g
    Red Butterfly Sorrel, 8g
    This striking maroon coloured sorrel is a very specialist micro herb. It has a wonderful citrus sorrel like flavour and looks just like a butterfly. Best served with fish or seafood, it is available from May to December.
  2. Sorrel, Fresh, 5 x 50g
    Sorrel, Fresh, 5 x 50g
    Also known also as spinach dock, sorrel is considered a herb rather than a vegetable. It is delicious tossed in a light salad, adding a sharp, tangy flavour note. Try wilting to accompany lemon sole or any other delicate fish. Once the sole is cooked, take it out of the pan, put the p...
  3. Chervil, 100g
    Chervil, 100g
    Chervil is an annual herb that looks similar to flat leaf parsley but with a finer stem and more delicate leaves. It has a faint aniseed flavour and is one of the herbs used to make up the French herb mixture fines herbes.
  4. Tarragon, 100g
    Tarragon, 100g
    Tarragon is often used in French cooking. Tarragon has long, soft green leaves and a distinctive aniseed flavour. It makes a perfect match with chicken, it is also be used to flavour oils and vinegars. It is one of the herbs that makes up fines herbes and is also used in bearnaise sauce.
  5. Buy Dill Online & in London UK
    Dill, 100g
    The fern-like leaves of dill are beautifully aromatic and are used to flavour many foods, such as gravadlax (cured salmon), borscht, and pickles. It is also a tasty flavouring for fish, lamb, new potatoes and peas.  Dill is best when used fresh, as it loses its flavour rapidly if dried. Ad...
  6. Coriander, 100g
    Coriander, 100g
    Coriander leaves are always added at the end of cooking as high or prolonged heat reduces their flavour. The leaves and stalks can be used to flavour soups, salads, beans & lamb curries. Mexicans combine coriander with green chillies, garlic and lime juice to make a delicious dressing for vegetables...
  7. Buy fresh mint online and in London UK
    Mint, 100g
    Mint sauce is the classic complement to lamb - simply mix two handfuls of chopped mint leaves with some cider vinegar and caster sugar, a dash of salt, couldn't be easier. Indian cooking emphasizes its refreshing qualities in chutneys and raitas and uses the freshness of mint to counter the warmth o...
  8. Sage, 3 x 40g
    Sage, 3 x 40g
    Sage aids the digestion of fatty and oily foods and it is traditionally used as a partner for them. In Britain, sage is associated with pork, goose & duck and works well in stuffing for these meats. Sage works well added to a chowder stew made with clams, fish, or seafood with potatoes, onions a...
  9. Marjoram, 100g
    Marjoram, 100g
    Marjoram is related to the mint plant. The leaves and stem have a subtly sweet and milk flavour. Use this to garnish spring salads or to add an extra dimension of flavour to rich meat dishes.
  10. Buy Lemon Verbena Online & in London UK
    Lemon Verbena, 20g
    Lemon verbena is a vibrant herb; it has a powerful scent and sweet lemon flavour. It has white flowers and lemon scented leaves. You can use this herb to replace lemon zest. However, its leaves are quite tough and should be chopped up finely or blended in a food processor to enjoy the scen...
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  11. Buy Kaffir Lime Leaves Online & In London UK
    Kaffir Lime Leaves, Fresh from Frozen, 80g
    The kaffir lime leaf, also known as makrut lime leaf, is to South East Asian cuisine what bay leaves are to western cooks. Typically used in soups and curries, the leaves impart a fragrant citrus flavour with a mild hint of spice.
  12. Buy Organic Alfalfa Sprouts Online & In London
    Alfalfa Sprouts, 100g
    Alfalfa sprouts originated in Persia where its name in Arabic meant ‘father of all foods’. The tiny sprouts are still living .They make a pretty garnish and are excellent in salads and sandwiches, contributing a lovely mild nutty flavour and delicate crunch. They can also be blended into...
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  13. Buy Thai Sweet Basil Online & In London
    Thai Sweet Basil, 50g
    Thai basil, also known as Asian sweet basil, is sweeter than its Mediterranean cousin and the flavour is more stable during cooking, too. The plant is native to Southeast Asia and is prevalent in cuisines across that part of the continent. A delicious way to enjoy it is with a traditional Vietnamese...
  14. Buy Red Basil Online & In London
    Red Basil, 50g
    Red basil is believed to have originated in India. It is a variety of sweet basil but has a stronger flavour with hints of spice and anise. It is best eaten raw as cooking dulls the flavour and is delicious in salads or served with fruit. For a richly coloured pesto blitz together red basil leaves w...
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  15. Buy Fresh Chives & In London UK
    Fresh Chives, 100g
    Chives are a well known herb, which are the smallest species within the onion family. Their flavour is milder than other alliums and couples beautifully with eggs and cheeses as well as making a tasty garnish for soups and fish dishes. The name chive derives from cepa, the Latin word for onion....
  16. dill crowns, crown dill
    Dill Crown, 1 x Punnet
    Unlike the baby dill that’s found in the herb section of every supermarket, crown dill is rarely seen on UK shelves. Harvested after blossoming, this more mature dill is a staple part of Scandinavian cuisine and has a stronger, more aromatic anise flavour than the younger green fronds.
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  17. Buy buzz buttons online and in London
    Buzz Buttons, 1 x Punnet
    These little buds pack a big punch. Known for their explosive flavour and tongue-tingling effects, buzz buttons can also be called Sichuan buttons or toothache plant – but rest assured, the results are gently numbing rather than pain inducing.
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  18. Buy Red Vein Sorrel Online & in London UK
    Red Vein Sorrel, 30g
    This leaf is milder in flavour than the green variety due to its lower citric acid content. Its fine, scarlet-tinged veins highlight its elegant shape, making it an excellent aesthetic choice for a mixed salad bowl.
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  19. Sea Lettuce, 100g
    Sea Lettuce, 100g
    A sea plant with a rich culinary history, ‘sea lettuce’ or laitue de mer is rich in iron and fibre, and, as you might expect, has a wonderful salty flavour. Like spinach, it is a great way of sneaking in one of your five a day.
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  20. Red Chard Micro Herb, 30g
    Red Chard Micro Herb, 30g
    Mild flavour and juicy texture, the red stems contrast with the bright green leaves. Try it added to a buerre blanc or to a stir fry at the last minute.
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