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  1. Barley Miso, 500g
    Barley Miso, 500g
    If you’re looking to make an authentic flavoured and rich miso soup, this barley miso is a great ingredient to use. The barley reacts with the air when passed through a sieve, which intensifies the flavour of the miso. Simply add kombu, vegetables and your choice of meat or fish to the miso br...
  2. Buy Riseria Capittini Arborio Rice Online & In London UK
    Riseria Capittini Arborio Rice, 1kg
    Arborio rice is a traditional favourite for risottos. Short, starch-rich grains give a silky creaminess; the outer layer of each grain cooks while the centre retains the satisfying al dente bite that makes for a perfect risotto. 
  3. Perello Gordal Pitted Green Olives Picante, 2kg
    Perello Gordal Pitted Green Olives Picante, 2kg
    Gordal means ‘the fat one’ in Spanish and it describes these succulent olives perfectly. Large, fleshy and incredibly moreish, these pitted olives come with a gentle kick from the Guindilla chilli in the marinade. The Gordal olive is similar in flavour and texture to the M...
  4. Ocean Mix Seaweed, Fresh, +/-1kg
    Ocean Mix Seaweed, Fresh, +/-1kg
    This mix of seaweeds is perfect if you can’t make up your mind about what variety to try! With an assortment of beautiful colours, textures and tastes, this trio of seaweeds will allow you to experience three different flavours. Laitue de Mer, also known as lettuce of the sea is crunchy, wit...
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  5. Smoked Almonds, 1kg
    Smoked Almonds, 1kg
    Smoked Almonds are very moreish. Once you start eating them you cant put them down. They are seasoned with salt and have a delicious smokey taste that is not too over powering. Perfect for the pre dinner snacks...
  6. Roscoff Onions, 1kg
    Roscoff Onions, 1kg
    Famous for their unique, mellow taste since the 17th century, these pearly pink onions from Brittany can be enjoyed raw, in condiments or cooked. Not only are they versatile, they have a very long shelf life so store in a cool dark place and use as and when you need. 
  7. Buy Yellow Polenta Online & in London UK
    Yellow Polenta, 1kg
    Polenta is a true Italian store cupboard staple. It was traditionally a part of the peasant cuisine of Northern Italy, but now polenta has found its way around the world and into some of the finest restaurants. This polenta is made from organically grown corn of Piedmont, which is ground into meal. ...
  8. Buy Acquerello Carnaroli Risotto Rice Online & In London UK
    Acquerello Carnaroli Risotto Rice, 2.5kg
    This one-year aged organic rice is produced in northern Italy using artisanal methods. Carnaroli is a medium-grained rice with a high starch content that helps the grains hold their shape, doesn’t become sticky and is more resistant to overcooking than the well-known Arborio. A family-owned c...
  9. Pink Peppercorns in Vinegar, 40g
    Pink Peppercorns in Vinegar, 40g
    Pink peppercorns are not actually peppercorns, but they do and have a similar but milder flavour even though they are from a different plant. Their aroma is not obvious until they are crushed, when they give off a faint peppery smell.
  10. Chocolate & Nut Mini Canape Cones, x 45
    Chocolate & Nut Mini Canape Cones, x 45
    Perfect for filling with mousses, creams or fruit, these dinky little chocolate coated and nut sprinkled dipped cones are ideal for dinner party dessert or canapes! Deliciously sweet with a crunch, they are sure to satisfy anyone’s post dinner chocolate cravings.. Try using our 32 hole c...
  11. Pork Gyozas, Frozen, 2 x 600g Net (60 gyozas)
    Pork Gyozas, Frozen, 2 x 600g Net (60 gyozas)
    These authentic pork Gyozas are the perfect answer to a lazy night in and they are delicious too! For best results Pan fry from frozen in a hot pan with vegetable oil or sunflower oil until golden brown on all sides. Let the gyozas rest for 3 minutes and serve with soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil...
  12. Takara Shirakabegura Junmai Daiginjo Sake, 300ml
    Takara Shirakabegura Junmai Daiginjo Sake, 300ml
    This is one of the highest-graded sakes on the market, due to it being labelled as Junmai Daiginjo. The flavour is fruity and aromatic, with subtle undertones of banana, peach and persimmon. The dry, spicy flavour of the sake makes it a perfect pairing to have with lighter dishes, such as sushi and...
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  13. Immunity Root Selection, Fresh, +/-2kg
    Immunity Root Selection, Fresh, +/-2kg
    Origin: South-East Asia
  14. Edible Silver Leaf, 23 Sheets
    Edible Silver Leaf, 23 Sheets
    This silver leaf will look perfect to add a little luxury to any celebratory cakes, chocolates, or other plates of food. Best used in a cool, dry environment and with tweezers, so you can easily place it in the desired place. These sheets of silver leaf will really brighten up any dish.
  15. El Barco Delice Spanish Hot Chocolate, 500g
    El Barco Delice Spanish Hot Chocolate, 500g
    Traditional Spanish drinking chocolate is thick, creamy and utterly indulgent. Made from finely ground cocoa beans, its full-flavoured taste makes for a warming hot beverage for any chocolate aficionado. Simply add two heaped table-spoons to a cup of hot milk, stir and enjoy.  The perfect accomp...
  16. Buy Bigoli de Bassan Spaghetti Online & In London UK
    Bigoli de Bassan Spaghetti, 500g
    We all know the Italians make the best pasta and this bigoli from Venetian region is some of the best there is. Bigoli is a tube pasta, similar to spaghetti but doubled back on itself so that it is twice the length; it’s excellent at soaking up sauces for flavoursome meals. The traditional Ven...
  17. Buy Puy Lentils Online & In London UK
    Puy Lentils, 500g
    Puy lentils hold their shape during cooking and have a firm bite with a mildly peppery flavour. They are the only lentil to hold a Protected Designation of Origin, meaning they are cultivated in Le Puy, France. Toss into bubbling soups or stews for a little extra texture or use in a delicious vegeta...
  18. Takara Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai Sake, 300ml
    Takara Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai Sake, 300ml
    This sake is slightly creamy, with a touch of acidity. The delicate and slightly floral flavour boasts hints of melon, smells sweet like banana, and also has a contrasting Umami undertone taste. The complex flavours of this sake make it ideal to pair with full bodied Chinese and Indian cuisine dish...
  19. Lemongrass Puree, Frozen, Boiron, 1kg
    Lemongrass Puree, Frozen, Boiron, 1kg
    The lemongrass plant is grown for its’ stalks and leaves to be used. The flavour that comes from the plant tastes strongly of lemon, with an aromatic edge. This puree is made with lemongrass that comes from India and Sri Lanka: the exotic flavour could be used in a tropical cocktail, or in a s...
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