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  1. Barley Miso, 500g
    Barley Miso, 500g
    If you’re looking to make an authentic flavoured and rich miso soup, this barley miso is a great ingredient to use. The barley reacts with the air when passed through a sieve, which intensifies the flavour of the miso. Simply add kombu, vegetables and your choice of meat or fish to the miso br...
  2. Buy Riseria Capittini Arborio Rice Online & In London UK
    Riseria Capittini Arborio Rice, 1kg
    Arborio rice is a traditional favourite for risottos. Short, starch-rich grains give a silky creaminess; the outer layer of each grain cooks while the centre retains the satisfying al dente bite that makes for a perfect risotto. 
  3. Perello Gordal Pitted Green Olives Picante, 2kg
    Perello Gordal Pitted Green Olives Picante, 2kg
    Gordal means ‘the fat one’ in Spanish and it describes these succulent olives perfectly. Large, fleshy and incredibly moreish, these pitted olives come with a gentle kick from the Guindilla chilli in the marinade. The Gordal olive is similar in flavour and texture to the M...
  4. Plantin Truffle Salt, 100g
    Plantin Truffle Salt, 100g
    The easiest way to get a hit of the Truffle taste is simply to sprinkle this magic condiment onto the dish of your choice. Established in 1930 Plantin promotes French traditions and gastronomy by providing truffles and Forest Mushrooms of the very highest quality.
  5. Roscoff Onions, 1kg
    Roscoff Onions, 1kg
    Famous for their unique, mellow taste since the 17th century, these pearly pink onions from Brittany can be enjoyed raw, in condiments or cooked. Not only are they versatile, they have a very long shelf life so store in a cool dark place and use as and when you need. 
  6. Buy Yellow Polenta Online & in London UK
    Yellow Polenta, 1kg
    Polenta is a true Italian store cupboard staple. It was traditionally a part of the peasant cuisine of Northern Italy, but now polenta has found its way around the world and into some of the finest restaurants. This polenta is made from organically grown corn of Piedmont, which is ground into meal. ...
  7. Buy Acquerello Carnaroli Risotto Rice Online & In London UK
    Acquerello Carnaroli Risotto Rice, 2.5kg
    This one-year aged organic rice is produced in northern Italy using artisanal methods. Carnaroli is a medium-grained rice with a high starch content that helps the grains hold their shape, doesn’t become sticky and is more resistant to overcooking than the well-known Arborio. A family-owned c...
  8. Vitelotte Purple Potatoes, 2kg
    Vitelotte Purple Potatoes, 2kg
    Originally from Peru and Bolivia, Vitelotte has been cultivated in France since 1850 as a gourmet delicacy. In Germany it also known as Truffle Potato. This very rare, high valued and expensive potato variety tastes as amazing as it looks. It is perfect for boiling, chips and salads.
  9. Baby Aubergines, 1kg
    Baby Aubergines, 1kg
    Any recipe that asks for aubergine will be enhanced by the use of Baby Aubergines. Baby aubergines are often cooked whole in curries and South East Asian dishes. They're usually split, not quite through, along the centre, which helps them cook more evenly.
  10. Fresh Figs, x 6
    Fresh Figs, x 6
    Fresh figs are available all year round, but a much heavier and sweeter crop appear in late summer and Autumn so enjoy them at their best from June to October. Figs make an excellent addition to meat and cheese platters. Cut a cross on the top of the fresh figs and stuff with full flavoured cheese ...
  11. El Barco Delice Spanish Hot Chocolate, 500g
    El Barco Delice Spanish Hot Chocolate, 500g
    Traditional Spanish drinking chocolate is thick, creamy and utterly indulgent. Made from finely ground cocoa beans, its full-flavoured taste makes for a warming hot beverage for any chocolate aficionado. Simply add two heaped table-spoons to a cup of hot milk, stir and enjoy.  The perfect accomp...
  12. Buy Bigoli de Bassan Spaghetti Online & In London UK
    Bigoli de Bassan Spaghetti, 500g
    We all know the Italians make the best pasta and this bigoli from Venetian region is some of the best there is. Bigoli is a tube pasta, similar to spaghetti but doubled back on itself so that it is twice the length; it’s excellent at soaking up sauces for flavoursome meals. The traditional Ven...
  13. Buy Puy Lentils Online & In London UK
    Puy Lentils, 500g
    Puy lentils hold their shape during cooking and have a firm bite with a mildly peppery flavour. They are the only lentil to hold a Protected Designation of Origin, meaning they are cultivated in Le Puy, France. Toss into bubbling soups or stews for a little extra texture or use in a delicious vegeta...
  14. Buy Medjool Dates Online and in London UK
    Medjool Dates, 1kg
    Dates are a joy to eat, the sweet succulence of their flesh is delightful, and they can be added to both savoury and sweet dishes and are a fruit platter essential. Try stuffing them with chipolatas wrapped in bacon for a great canape.
  15. Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice, 500g
    Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice, 500g
    Acquerello rice is the only white rice in the world that is processed in a way that enriches the grains with its nutrient-rich germ, giving it a structure that can absorb more liquid when cooking as well as retaining a high nutritional value.    This amazing rice, which is sometimes aged ...
  16. Griottine Cherries Pitted in Kirsch 15%, 2L
    Griottine Cherries Pitted in Kirsch 15%, 2L
    These Kirsch-soaked French Morello cherries are deliciously juicy and sweet. They come pitted and ready to use in a variety of dishes and recipes. Perfect for baking or adding to cocktails!  
  17. Authentic Japanese Sushi Rice, 5kg
    Authentic Japanese Sushi Rice, 5kg
    This 5kg bag of rice is grown in Nyuzen, in Toyama Prefecture of Japan. This region is famous for its’ pure and fresh spring waters, which makes the rice of a high quality taste. It is sticky, with a slightly sweeter flavour than regular rice. It is ideal for sushi, or any other Japanese dishes. ...
  18. Buy Banana Leaves Online in London UK
    Banana Leaves, 1kg
    Banana leaves are used throughout Asia and Central America. They not only impart a light flavour of the leaf itself, but also leave the contents inside moist and full of flavour. Typically, a whole fish or a breast of chicken is put inside the banana leaf. It is then tied together with string, and m...
  19. Papaya, Fresh x 3
    Papaya, Fresh x 3
    Our Papayas are hand picked at Runjis market in Paris. Runjis is one of the biggest markets in the world and hundreds of thousands of products pass through it every day from all over the world. All our fruit is hand picked, ensuring only the best quality specimens are selected. Try making a scallop,...
  20. Baby Pineapple, Fresh
    Baby Pineapple, Fresh
    Thriving in hot and humid conditions, these baby pineapples also known as 'Queen Victoria's Pineapples' are both sweet and tart and packed full of flavour. About 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, they are a mini version of a regular pineapple.(24 hour lead time needed for this product.)
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