Tarocco Blood Oranges, 2kg

Tarocco Blood Oranges: A Symphony of Colour and Flavour! Tarocco Blood Oranges, globally recognised as 'blood', 'blood-red' or 'blush' oranges, stand...
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Tarocco Blood Oranges: A Symphony of Colour and Flavour!

Tarocco Blood Oranges, globally recognised as 'blood', 'blood-red' or 'blush' oranges, stand out as a captivating addition to the citrus fruit family. Their distinct appearance, with a deep red hue, sets them apart, making them a visual and culinary delight.

Seasonal Marvel: January to March

Tarocco Blood Oranges, like fleeting jewels, grace us with their presence for a limited time. The peak of their season spans from January to March, making them a cherished winter treasure. This ephemeral availability adds an air of exclusivity, turning every bite into a special moment savoured during the colder months.

The Artistry of Anthocyanin

The breathtaking red hue that defines Tarocco Blood Oranges is not merely cosmetic, it's a testament to the orchard's artistry and the fruit's response to nature's cues. The pigment responsible for their vibrant colour is anthocyanin, which reacts to the temperature fluctuations between chilly nights and warm days. This natural alchemy not only paints the oranges with a striking colour but also enhances their antioxidant properties.

Blood Orange Elegance: Vinaigrette

Harnessing the rich, tangy flavour of Tarocco Blood Oranges opens the door to culinary creativity. One delightful way to indulge in their essence is through a homemade blood orange vinaigrette. The citrusy brightness and subtle sweetness of the vinaigrette can elevate salads and grilled dishes, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary feasts.

Crafting a Mouth-Watering Blood Orange Martini

For those seeking a more spirited experience, Tarocco Blood Oranges shine in the realm of mixology. Crafting a mouth-watering blood orange martini allows the vibrant flavours to mingle with spirits, creating a cocktail that's as visually stunning as it is delicious. The citrusy zest of the blood orange adds a refreshing twist, making it a perfect libation for winter gatherings.

Origin: Italy

Please note: Available January to March.

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