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Freshly Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

  • Feeds 4 people
  • Prep time 10m
  • Cook time 5m

January is often affiliated with health, well-being and what some might stance as a rather boring time of year in terms of recipe ideas. Yet in the midst of this cold and often bleak month, one of the most vibrant and colourful ingredients emerges from warmer Mediterranean shores; the Blood Orange.

This seasonal citrus fruit is available from January until March, and its characteristic blood red rind and flesh as well as a tantalisingly tart flavour distinguishes itself from ordinary oranges. Their distinctive colour is the result of the pigment, Anthocyanin, reacting to the fluctuation between chilly nights and warm days.

With such a short-lived season, make the most of its unique flavour in an array of sweet and savoury recipes. An annual favourite of mine is a simple but utterly refreshing freshly squeezed blood orange juice, serving to boost one’s energy on a cold and dark winter morning.


  1. Slice the blood oranges and lemons in half.
  2. Press/squeeze the oranges using an electric or manual juicer making sure all the pips and excess pulp have been removed.
  3. Press/ squeeze the juice of one lemon using the same method.
  4. Pour into a jug or glass, stir gently and serve.

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