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Japanese Miso Soup

  • Feeds 4 people
  • Prep time 5m
  • Cook time 30m

It’s quite common in our office for someone to be clutching a mug of miso soup to warm them up or tide them over until lunch time. Nobody has got around to making anything other than the instant variety until now though. Everyone was excited by the prospect of a traditionally made miso soup and with all the ingredients at our fingertips and such a simple process, it’s amazing it’s taken us so long to try. I experimented with different techniques and accompaniments but the version below came out top of the pile with a massive thumbs up from the whole office!

For a stronger, richer broth use a darker miso paste. You can also vary the accompaniments and try it with noodles for a more filling meal or enoki mushrooms, which work particularly well.

  1. First put the dried kelp in a pan and cover with 1l of cold water. Leave to soak for about 20 minutes then place over a gentle heat. As soon as it starts to come to the boil turn off the heat and remove the kelp. Put the bonito flakes into the water and leave to soak for five minutes, or until they begin to sink. Strain the stock through a fine sieve or muslin cloth. You could also use ready-made dashi instead of following this step.
  2. Remove a ladleful of stock and stir into the miso to thin it then add the whole miso mix back to the stock.
  3. Put the cubed tofu and reconstituted wakame into each bowl then pour over the miso broth. Garnish the soup with slices of spring onion before serving.

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