Edible Flower Seasonal Mix, 1 x Punnet

Introducing Edible Flower Seasonal Mix: Adding Colour, Flavour and Whimsy to Your Culinary Creations! Embrace the vibrant beauty of summer with our E...
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Our edible flowers are very delicate. We recommend selecting Express Delivery to arrive as close as possible to the date you intend to use them. Kept refrigerated, edible flowers will only last 1-2 days after delivery. Do not freeze.

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Introducing Edible Flower Seasonal Mix: Adding Colour, Flavour and Whimsy to Your Culinary Creations!

Embrace the vibrant beauty of summer with our Edible Flower Seasonal Mix. This exquisite selection of flowers is the perfect way to infuse your dishes with colour, interest and a touch of whimsy. With their delicate petals and bold hues, your plates and cakes will come alive, captivating both the eyes and the taste buds. Get ready to elevate your culinary creations with the subtle peppery taste and visual splendour that these edible flowers bring.

When it comes to adding an extra element of beauty to your dishes, Edible Flower Seasonal Mix is a game-changer. Imagine a plate adorned with snapdragons, fuchsias or cornflowers, each flower boasting its own vibrant colour palette. The visual impact alone will turn your meal into a work of art, leaving your guests in awe. The delicate petals and intricate details of these flowers bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to every plate they grace.

But it's not just about the aesthetics, these edible flowers offer a unique flavour dimension to your culinary creations. As you take a bite, you'll be delighted by the subtle peppery taste that these flowers impart. This unexpected flavour profile adds an interesting twist to your dishes, elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you're garnishing a salad, topping a cake or enhancing a savoury dish, these edible flowers will awaken your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

Edible Flower Seasonal Mix is a celebration of nature's bounty. Each flower is carefully selected to ensure a harmonious blend of colours and flavours. From the vibrant snapdragons to the enchanting fuchsias and the delicate cornflowers, this mix brings together the best of the season, allowing you to create culinary masterpieces that truly showcase the beauty and abundance of summer.

Whether you're a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, Edible Flower Seasonal Mix offers endless possibilities. Add a pop of colour to your salads or catering products such as canapes, create stunning floral arrangements on your desserts or incorporate these flowers into your sauces and dressings. The versatility of this mix knows no bounds, allowing you to let your creativity soar in the kitchen.

Edible Flower Seasonal Mix is more than just an assortment of flowers, it's an invitation to explore the wonders of nature's palette. So, embrace the season and bring a burst of colour, flavour and whimsy to your dishes. With Edible Flower Seasonal Mix, your culinary creations will not only be a feast for the eyes but also a delightful journey for the taste buds, making every meal an extraordinary experience.

This vibrant selection of summer flowers is a great way to bring colour and interest to your dishes. With delicate petals and bold colours, your plates and cakes will come alive and their subtle peppery taste will add an interesting flavour dimension. Flowers may include snap dragon, fuchsia or cornflower. 

Origin: UK

An average number of flowers per punnet: 15-25 

Please note: the variety of flowers will vary depending on what is available, the punnet could look like any of the selections in the photos.


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