Royal Beluga 000 Grade, Huso Huso, Taster Pot, 10g

Introducing 'The King of Caviar,' Royal Beluga, now available in a budget-friendly 10g tasting pot! The Royal Beluga Caviar (taster pot) stands as on...
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Introducing 'The King of Caviar,' Royal Beluga, now available in a budget-friendly 10g tasting pot!

The Royal Beluga Caviar (taster pot) stands as one of the most luxurious variations of caviar globally. Our authentic 000 grade caviar originates from the Huso Huso (Beluga) sturgeon, a species with the ability to thrive for numerous decades, achieving remarkable sizes.

The Huso Huso sturgeon undergoes an extensive maturation period, spanning up to 25 years to attain complete maturity, contributing to their exceptional rarity. These sturgeons represent some of the largest freshwater fish, capable of reaching lengths of up to 25 meters, weighing as much as 2000 lbs and boasting lifespans of up to a century.


Our Royal Beluga Caviar (taster pot) comes from the roe of the beluga sturgeon (Huso Huso), a substantial aquatic species (Huso Huso) primarily farmed in China.

Egg Size

The egg of our Royal Beluga taster pot ranks among the largest and most velvety of all caviar variations, measuring from 3mm to 3.3mm in diameter. This substantial size not only contributes to the caviar's visual allure but also delivers a distinctive and lavish tactile encounter when savoured.

Despite their generous proportions, the eggs retain an exquisite fragility due to their delicate outer layer. This delicate shell permits the eggs to gracefully release their flavours upon the palate, crafting an experiential journey that captivates the senses.

Appearance & Colour

The sturgeon caviar eggs of our taster pot, celebrated for their texture, display a captivating spectrum of hues. Ranging from a gentle light grey to shades of grey that deepen into near-black. These colours transcend mere ornamentation, they signify the sturgeon's maturity.


The flavour profile of the sturgeon caviar taster pot is distinguished by its gentle, buttery richness. The minute these delicate eggs touch your tongue, they unleash a harmonious blend of flavours that conjure feelings of luxury and sophistication.

The taste of our 000 grade taster pot caviar unfurls gradually, giving you an opportunity to experience the robust essence of a briny surge that is beautifully complemented by the velvety, buttery texture. The finish is long resulting in a delicate aftertaste that carries nuttiness.


The texture of Royal Beluga Caviar (taster pot) boasts a creamy and velvety consistency that tenderly caresses the palate with each delicate nibble. 

How to eat caviar?

The exquisite taste of Royal Beluga often requires minimal accompaniment. Some people place a spoonful of Huso Huso Caviar on the back of their hand, as it provides a neutral surface for tasting. Opting for natural materials is ideal for serving caviar, ensuring that the eggs' flavour remains unaltered. Mother of Pearl serves as an excellent canvas for caviar, or you can select one of our glass caviar serving sets for group occasions.

Caviar recipes

While savouring caviar on its own remains a delightful choice, it also lends itself well to canapés. It ideally pairs with ingredients that complement rather than overpower. Alternatively, it goes well with warm blinis and a dollop of crème fraiche or raw fish and tartare. Best accompanied by a flute of sparkling champagne or ice-cold vodka.

For more information about caviar and the different varieties we have on offer, check out our ultimate guide to caviar here. 

Origin: China

Species: Huso Huso Sturgeon

Grade: 000

Egg Size: 3mm to 3.3mm 

Ingredients: raw sturgeon fish eggs, salt, preservative E285.

Allergens: fish

Nutritional advice per 100g: energy: 1020kJ/ 245 kcal, fat: 14.2 of which saturated fatty acids 3.3g, carbohydrate: 3.1g, sugars: 0.6g, protein: 26.0g, salt: 3.2%.

Storage: keep/store at -4°C to + 4°C

Please note: this product must be refrigerated upon arrival.


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