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Delica Zerbinati Squashes, x 2

Origin: Lombardy, Italy
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Origin: Lombardy, Italy

Delica pumpkins are irregularly sized and all different and unique in their appearance, with green and grey skin. The flavour of their vibrantly orange-coloured flesh is splendidly sweet and remains firm when cooked, which makes them such prized members of the pumpkin family.

Grown by the famous Zerbinati family in Lombardy, each pumpkin is grown with great commitment to reducing water content, and therby increasing the delicious and full flavour. When the pumpkins are at full maturity, the next step of the Zerbinati harvesting process is to slow-cure them in rooms heated through wood-burning, allowing the sugars to develop slowly. The high sugars in the squash means that when they are cooked, they caramelise easily, adding a depth of flavour.

The orange stamp on the top of each pumpkin is a mark and reminder of the efforts gone into producing top-quality produce, the same as on the melons.

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