Edible Flowers & Garnishes

Edible Flowers & Garnishes

Edible Nasturtiums, Pansies, Roses, Borage Flowers & more

Edible flowers taste as lovely as they look, and there's a wide range to choose from. You'll find all the 'essential' edible flowers and garnishes right here at the Fine Food Specialist website, as well as a few not so well-known ones.

Here, discover seasonal leaves, herbs and other foraging finds: flavourful flowers in soft or eye-catching colours, flowers in an array of shapes and shades... We're delighted to offer you edible flowers that are either naturally sweet, with a surprisingly piquant flavour, or somewhere in between. Like a fascinated gardener or botanist, enjoy taking your time browsing the selection and making exciting new discoveries, before making your choice and then placing your order with us.

Bring life, flavour, vibrancy and gorgeous colour to your table

Although widely used in cuisine all over the world, UK fine food devotees are perhaps most familiar with flower garnishes upon Mediterranean dishes: scrumptious starters and/or mouth-watering mains where edible flowers are used to garnish and decorate various foods; to add either a tinge of flavour or maybe something more determined, more unapologetically strident. And it doesn't just stop at starters and mains... garnishing light pasta dishes, salads and desserts can be transformational. All this can add a great deal to a dish's visual appeal, too.

Pretty flower garnishes are now very much back in vogue

Developing a broad knowledge of edible flowers and garnishes can be both interesting and useful. Learn about all the various types, their origins, colours, shapes, flavours, aftertaste... then, expertly add exactly the right garnish to a much-anticipated main course after inviting friends and family over for dinner. Whether you need edible flowers or a garnish to give a particular meal a certain kick, or to perhaps add a touch of subtlety, you'll find the perfect type right here amongst our eclectic assortment. There are edible flowers available for keen cocktail-makers here, too.

Cooking, garnishing and decorating dishes with edible flowers went out of style for a while, before coming back in vogue in recent years. Fine food lovers the world-over are eagerly purchasing and using edible flowers and garnishes in their home kitchens and restaurants, and are being thrilled with the results. Now, thanks to Fine Food Specialist, you too can say "Good riddance" to boring salads, and "Hello" to a flavoursome floral future! 

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38 Item(s)

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