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Wagyu Beef Cheek, BMS 4-5, Frozen, +/-1kg

Origin: UK
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Origin: UK

Beef cheeks are beautiful when they are slow cooked in a rich tomato and red wine sauce. A delicious and easy recipe to cook for a winter evening’s dinner party, as you can slowly simmer in a slow-cooker.

Even more delicious than a regular beef cheek, is a Wagyu beef cheek! The fat marbling that runs through the meat is full of flavour and adds extra juiciness to the meat.

Cheek is a fairly tough muscle, so requires a long cook to make it tender, also allowing the meat to absorb the delicious flavours in the sauce. Once it has finished cooking you can pull it apart like pulled pork, and serve on top of potatoes. Alternatively you could pull the meat and use in a beef cheek ragu.

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