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Lobster Tail and Carabineros Prawns on Yakiniku Grill

  • Feeds 2 people
  • Prep time 10m
  • Cook time 10m

This recipe uses our favourite piece of kitchen equipment – the Yakiniku grill and our Binchotan charcoal, along with some of our delicious seafood products, rock lobster tail and Carabineros prawns. 

This mini Japanese style BBQ grill is perfect for cooking and grilling meat, seafood, Wagyu steaks and skewers in the traditional way. In Japan, yakitori, which is grilled glazed chicken, are cooked on this style of Japanese grill.

The clay material excellently insulates heat and protects against fire. Simply pop charcoal inside and light it in the clay chambers and put the metal grill on top, as you would with a normal BBQ.

Watch the video here of how to light the Yakiniku and cook up a delicious seafood grill! 

  1. Firstly, time to set up the Yakiniku grill and get the charcoal hot. The easiest way to light the Binchotan charcoal is to put the logs directly onto lit gas stoves (please watch our video to see how to do this). Once they have lit and changed colour all the way through, they are ready to use.
  2. Whilst the charcoal is heating up, you can prepare the rock lobster tail, using a pair of sharp scissors to cut down the side of the lobster belly and gently pull the meat of the tail out (be careful not to spike yourself!).
  3. Make sure to use heat-protective tongs to place the lit logs into the Yakiniku grill, and place the grill plates on-top.
  4. In a small bowl, use a microplane grater to zest the lime and lemon, and also grate the garlic. Add a glug of olive oil and mix together the marinade ingredients. Brush this over the lobster tail and the Carabineros prawn.
  5. Place the marinated shellfish onto the Yakiniku grill. Sprinkle with a seasoning of salt and pepper, and a little more olive oil.
  6. As the heat from the Binchotan underneath the grill cooks the shellfish, they will start to smoke a little from the juices hitting the charcoals. When cooked, the lobster and prawn will have charred in colour, and the delicious aromas from them and the marinade will let you know they are cooked to perfection!
  7. Finish off by squeezing a little lemon juice on-top, and serve! Both of these delicious prawn and lobster products would go amazingly well with yuzu or wasabi mayonnaise.

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