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  1. Green Asparagus, 1kg
    Green Asparagus, 1kg
    Harvested from various locations in South America, often in Peru and Mexico, these Asparagus are tender, full of flavour and a delightful Spring treat. The climate in central and South America is ideal for these Spring greens and their delightful flavour needs very little except butter lemon juice a...
  2. Buy Green Merinda Tomatoes Online in London UK
    Merinda Tomatoes, +/-700g
    These stunning Merinda Tomatoes are grown in Sicily. They are small, ribbed and have a wonderful firm almost crunchy texture. They are tart and taste of the Sicilian vines. They need nothing more than a good quality extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, grilled crusty bread and buffalo Mozarella - Bring...
  3. Flat White Peaches, +/-2kg
    Flat White Peaches, +/-2kg
    Flat peaches are often referred to as doughnut peaches - wonderfully soft, and juicy, they are in prime season and are bursting with sweetness. Only around for a short period, these peaches boast a more nutty flavour to their yellow fleshed counterparts and are equally delectable served alone or car...
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  4. Wet Garlic, Fresh, 250g
    Wet Garlic, Fresh, 250g
    Wet garlic is garlic that has not been dried. It has a short season because it is essentially the first crop and has to be picked by hand which is a laborious activity. The cloves are much bigger than regular garlic and have a creamy flavour and texture which is sought after by the restaurant chefs....
    Out of Season
  5. Baby Candy Beetroot, x 3 Bunches
    Baby Candy Beetroot, x 3 Bunches
    Baby candy beetroot is an eye-catching garnish and is a fantastic addition to any salad. Beautiful served whole or cut diagonally through the middle to show off those mysterious pink and white rings. Once cooked, the flesh becomes pink throughout.  There are 5 heads per bunch and they are avail...
  6. Inca Tomatoes, Mixed Box, +/-3kg
    Inca Tomatoes, Mixed Box, +/-3kg
    Inca tomatoes have the most wonderful flavour, a sweeter and more juicy option to your ordinary supermarket tomato. They are irregular in shape and size with ridges and bobbles. They are all different colours and some are striped. They make the most fantastic salads and are perfect for garnish too. ...
  7. Long Black Radish, x 2
    Long Black Radish, x 2
    Black radishes work well in stir fries, soups, stews and salads. They have a crisp firm texture and the inside flesh is creamy white in colour. The black skin is not edible and needs peeling.
  8. Buy Fresh Almonds Online
    Fresh Almonds, 1kg
    Fresh Almonds are another delightful Spring arrival. They are soft and moist in the middle as the seed or 'nut' has not matured. They need to be seasoned well to come alive. Try serving them whole or diced in a salad with feta cheese some crunchy leaves and carrot julienne.
    Out of Season
  9. Candy Beetroot, 2kg
    Candy Beetroot, 2kg
    Candy beetroot is exquisite to look at and is in vogue with Michelin chefs for garnishing their plates. Try serving this as a small starter with horseradish smoked mackerel and goats cheese or pickled herring, Granny Smith and anchovy paste/gentlemen's relish. To keep its colour and vibrancy finely ...
  10. Baby Carrots, Purple, x 3 Bunches
    Baby Carrots, Purple, x 3 Bunches
    These beautiful baby purple carrots make a wonderful garnish and are packed with that wonderful earthy carrot flavour. They are a favourite with the chefs as they are so divine to look at and they hold their colour once cooked.
  11. Prickly Pears, x 9 Heads
    Prickly Pears, x 9 Heads
    Prickly pears are available in the summer months when the weather is supposedly at its best. Grown mainly in Mexico and the Southern United States, prickly pears, or cactus flowers as they are often called, are a delicious sweet snack in the heat of the day. To get to the flesh inside, the skin need...
  12. Buy Kumquots Online in London UK
    Kumquats, +/-1kg
    Kumquots are a delightful and fun addition for garnish. Eat the whole fruit, skin on and all. The taste starts off very sharp and tangy and then turns sweet and citrus like. Delightful to pop in the mouth as a palet cleanser...
  13. Rainbow Radishes, x 2 Bunches
    Rainbow Radishes, x 2 Bunches
    These little beauties are just a fantastic bunch of colour to brighten up your salads. I like to blanch them for 45 seconds in salted water, cut them length-ways and toss them in butter - Perfect and unusual garnish for a fish main course...Available from the summer months.
  14. Padron Peppers, +/-500g
    Padron Peppers, +/-500g
    Padron peppers are a classic Spanish delicacy. Pan fry them in olive oil until the skin blisters and they soften. Drain on kitchen paper and sprinkle generously with Maldon Salt. Careful though, hidden in a bowlful of these emerald delights will always be a couple that pack a serious chilli punch. T...
  15. White Truffle Salt, 50g
    White Truffle Salt, 50g
    This is the ultimate luxury condiment for adding that special truffle kick to your dishes. This is our own brand, which uses real white truffle shavings to add to the intensity of the flavour. Use sparingly as this salt has an intense flavour. It is fantastic to use with  meats, vegetables, sauces ...
  16. Cavolo Nero, 1kg
    Cavolo Nero, 1kg
    Cavolo Nero comes from Italy and literally means 'black cabbage'. It gets its name as its leaves are dark green in colour and appear black. It has a strong irony flavour and stands up very well to winter meats like venison and daube...
  17. Buy Raindow Chard Online & In London UK
    Rainbow Chard, 1kg
    Rainbow Chard is perhaps the most visually beautiful of all winter vegetables. Not only does it look amazing, its taste is sweeter and stronger that regular white and red chard. Its is best prepared like spinach and cooked in the same way but for a little longer as its leaves are more robust. Wonder...
  18. Tagliatelle Pasta with Truffle, 250g
    Tagliatelle Pasta with Truffle, 250g
    These delightful tagliatelle ribbons are flavoured with the unforgettable scent of truffles and the high percentage of eggs used in the making enhances this truffle flavour. A mouthful of this pasta will transport you to Italy with its heady, richness and delicious sophistication. Cook the pasta in ...
  19. Black Summer Truffle Salt, 50g
    Black Summer Truffle Salt, 50g
    Another gem in the truffle accessory or condiments cupboard cupboard, just a pinch of this luxury salt will add the rich, pungent flavour of black summer truffles to your cooking. Perfect to sprinkle on top of a portion of home-cooked chips, or to top a luxury egg dish at breakfast. The more adventu...
  20. Calasparra Paella Rice, 500g
    Calasparra Paella Rice, 500g
    Calasparra is a town near Valencia, in Spain. Despite its name, Calasparra rice has in fact been growing here since Roman times and to this day the rice fields are irrigated by water brought from a Roman aqueduct. This risottot rice is the highest quality short grain rice, absorbing liquid up to 70%...
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