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Middle Eastern Ingredients

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  1. Buy Harissa Chilli Paste Online & In London UK
    Harissa Chilli Paste, 380g
    Harissa is a paste made primarily from chillies and used widely in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. It can be used to add a boost to dishes like couscous, pasta sauce or salads, just add a spoonful as you cook to add a delicious spicy depth. Alternatively, if you like your chilli to hit you...
  2. Buy Pomegranates Online & In London
    Pomegranate x 5
    The arresting beauty of a bejewelled pomegranate is enough to make it a temptation in itself, but the burst of sweet juice from each ruby seed is the real delight. Used largely in Middle Eastern cuisine, pomegranate adds both colour and flavour and is a quick and easy way to elevate the appearance o...
  3. Pomegranate Puree, Frozen, Boiron, 1kg
    Pomegranate Puree, Frozen, Boiron, 1kg
    Enjoy the fresh, tangy notes of Middle Eastern cuisine in your home cooking and baking any time of year with this fruit puree, It’s so easy to freeze and store that you might never want to go back to whole fruit!
  4. Pomegranate Molasses, Al-Rabhi, 300ml
    Pomegranate Molasses, Al-Rabhi, 300ml
    After many requests to pretty please find a smaller, cuter version of our premium Lebanese pomegranate molasses, we went searching and are now proud to offer you this 300ml bottle - great if you're sampling, on a budget or prefer to use sparingly. As well as baking, try as a flavour boost for marina...
  5. Pomegranate Molasses, Cortas, 500ml
    Pomegranate Molasses, Cortas, 500ml
    A thick fragrant syrup of pomegranate, these pomegranate molasses are of the finest quality. Use to brush over chicken or duck before roasting to ensure crispy skin and a zesty flavour. It works well in marinades and dressings. It is a sublime mixture of sweet and tart and is extensively used in Med...
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