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  1. Romanesco, 1 x Head
    Romanesco, 1 x Head
    The best way to describe this fascinating and pretty vegetable in chef terms is as a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.The texture is more tender than most greens, and it has been spared the bitter edge which so often puts people off cauliflower, cabbage and spinach, making it an excellent choi...
  2. Maldon Sea Salt, 250g
    Maldon Sea Salt, 250g
    These wonderful crystal flakes of salt are best when crumbled over roasted meat or fish. Maldon is renowned for its salt production and no kitchen cupboard would be complete without one of these boxes.
  3. English Asparagus (Wye Valley), +/-500g
    English Asparagus (Wye Valley), +/-500g
    As this delicate vegetable thrives best in cool, damp conditions, England is an asparagus paradise. This family-grown brand is the epitome of asparagus excellence, with that wonderful nutty flavour and tender texture combination which have made it a favourite with Michelin chefs. All you need is som...
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  4. Buy San Marzano Tomatoes Online In London UK
    San Marzano Tomatoes (DOP), 1kg
    This large plum tomato is a cook’s dream. San Marzano tomatoes are famous the world over for their dense flesh and rich, sweet flavour. The Italian variety is so revered that it has been given Protected Designation of Origin status. Best eaten cooked, rather than raw, the flavoursome...
  5. Yellow wax beans
    Yellow Beans, 500g
    Yellow beans make a delicious alternative to their ubiquitous cousin, the green bean. With a slightly more mellow and delicate texture, they are at their prime when young and tender. Sweet and nutty in flavour, the yellow bean is crisp yet creamy and makes the perfect base to summer salads when simp...
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  6. Buy Pomegranates Online & In London
    Pomegranate x 5
    The arresting beauty of a bejewelled pomegranate is enough to make it a temptation in itself, but the burst of sweet juice from each ruby seed is the real delight. Used largely in Middle Eastern cuisine, pomegranate adds both colour and flavour and is a quick and easy way to elevate the appearance o...
  7. Buy Purple Heritage Carrots Online & In London
    Purple Heritage Carrots, 2kg
    There are records of carrot cultivation in Afghanistan as far back as 1,000 years ago. It is likely the roots were purple or yellow at that time and it is only later that the orange hue was established. Carrots belong to the umbelliferae family, which is also home to parsnips, fennel, cumin and...
  8. Buy Bok Choi Online & In London UK
    Bok Choi, 1kg
    Bok choi is a type of Chinese cabbage that is part of the mustard family. The word is from the Cantonese language and literally means ‘white vegetable’. The stems are indeed white with a crisp, crunchy texture, leading into green, cabbage-like leaves. It is one of the most common vegetab...
  9. Buy Treviso Radicchio Online & In London UK
    Treviso Radicchio, 500g
    Treviso radicchio is an Italian chicory with a wine-red leaf. It has a mellow, nutty flavour and is slightly less bitter than other radicchios. The pointed, white-veined leaf is delicious in salads but tastes delicious once cooked. Cut in half lengthways and drizzle with olive oil before grilling. T...
  10. Buy Giant Papaya Online & In London UK
    Giant Papaya
    The papaya, or pawpaw as it is also known, is native to the Americas and grows on a tall-stemmed tree. The red flesh is sweet and juicy with a buttery tenderness and is delicious eaten as it is or added to a fruit salad or smoothie. The black seeds are edible and have a fragrant, peppery flavour.&nb...
  11. Buy Redcurrants Online & In London UK
    Redcurrants, 125g
    Redcurrants are the ruby jewel of the garden. The glossy red berries burst forgivingly in the mouth, giving way to sweet but slightly tart juice. They are delicious eaten raw in fruit salads or with rich chocolate desserts but work equally well when baked into a crumble or simmered into jam or lusci...
  12. Buy Fresh Galangal Online & In London UK
    Fresh Galangal, 500g
    Galangal is related to ginger and has a similar flavour profile but is much stronger. It is a central part of many Southeast Asian cuisines and is an essential ingredient in Thai curry pastes. The fresh root is very hard and resembles a cross between ginger root and Jerusalem artichoke. 
  13. Italian Lemons, 1kg
    Italian Lemons, 1kg
    Rivalled only by Amalfi lemons, the leafy lemons are something truly special. They are less tart and acidic than those that grace our UK grocer’s shelves but the depth of flavour is greater, with a wonderful floral scent. Please note: Lemons do not always come with multiple leaves, as this depend...
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  14. Buy Datterini Vine Tomatoes Online & In London UK
    Datterini Vine Tomatoes, 1kg
    Datterini tomatoes are so sweet and full of flavour. They're fantastic eaten raw but also are great when cooked and make an excellent tomato sauce. Small in size, the red jewels have an enticingly fruity smell and look beautiful on the plate. Toss through salads to give them a pop of colour, take on...
  15. Buy Iberico Pork Fat Online & in London UK
    Iberico Pork Fat, 190g
    Iberico pork fat is pure rendered lard. With its intensely creamy texture and nutty flavour, Iberico pork fat is considered the extra virgin olive oil of meat. For your next Sunday roast, why not use it to make the most amazing roast potatoes you will ever bring to your table?
  16. Buy Riseria Capittini Carnaroli Rice Online & In London UK
    Riseria Capittini Carnaroli Rice, 1kg
    Luxurious carnaroli risotto can’t be beaten. This is produced in the Capittini rice family in Piedmont, northern Italy, where the family company has been based since 1881. The large-grained rice is rich in starch that is released slowly as it cooks, creating a delicious creamy risotto. 
  17. Semola di Grano Duro
    Organic Durum Wheat Semolina Flour, 1kg
    Durum is a hard species of wheat. Durum wheat semolina flour is a coarser flour that is ideal for making pastas, noodles and couscous. You can use it to make bread, but due to its very low gluten content it will not rise like normal wheat breads. This Italian organic durum wheat flour is of a v...
  18. Buy Organic Flour 00 Grade Online & in London UK
    Organic Flour 00 Grade, 1kg
    Flour is such a basic ingredient, but can be used to many different types of dishes and products. This Italian organic flour is “00” grade, which means that it has a very fine texture. It is a very high quality flour and is perfect for making, bread, pasta, breadsticks, cakes and biscuit...
  19. Buy Yellow Courgettes Online & in London UK
    Yellow Courgettes, 1kg
    These unique courgettes are bursting with flavour and are less watery than their green counterpart. Their vibrant colour and sweet taste make for a perfect addition to summer salads or stir-fries. With a thinner skin, there is no need to peel them and they are perfect spiralized as courgetti s...
  20. Buy Mangosteen Online in London UK
    Mangosteen, 500g
    Originating from South East Asia, the purple mangosteen, or simply known as mangosteen, is a refreshingly sweet exotic fruit. Its flesh posesses a texture similar to that of a lychee, with a sweet and tangy flavour. The mangosteen offers a number of health benefits due to its high levels of vitamins...
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