Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

 Time to change up your tipple
If you’re looking to update your selection of alcoholic drinks with a range of exciting liqueurs, brandy’s, wines and vodkas, or you’re just branching out into the world of alcoholic beverages, discover Fine Food Specialist’s range. Here you’ll be able to find a wide range of some of the finest alcohols from all over the world that you can enjoy with friends and family over a gourmet meal.
Cocktail bar classics
 If you fancy yourself as quite the cocktail shaker, we recommend exploring our selection of gins and rich liquers to add an intense flavour. Make sure you have a range of soft drinks to use as complementary mixers, as well!
For leisurely sipping
If you like to enjoy a tipple after a long day or a social drink with friends on nights out, we thoroughly recommend trying a bottle of Sangria. This sweet and refreshing alcoholic beverage has a medium-bodied base wine, combined with cinnamon and orange aromas. Great for sharing, sangria can be simply poured over ice into a large jug so you and your company can enjoy the authentic taste of Spain.
For those who prefer a crisper alcoholic beverage, or for fans of the exotic tastes of Japan, why not try our selection of sake?
For the perfect aperitif or digestif
Alcohol can be the perfect way to stimulate the palate before a meal, with smaller and dryer beverages doing the trick. Opt for something a little lighter in alcohol content.
Alternatively, you can use alcohol as a digestif. Digestifs tend to be a little stronger as they are sipped on a full stomach, so why not choose something richer to be slowly savoured?
Alcohol can be widely used in the kitchen, making it an extremely versatile ingredient, when used in moderation. Add a splash to your sauce for a stronger flavour, or use in a marinade to season the meat.
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