White Truffles

White Truffles

There's no substitute for the unique taste of truffle and the white truffle boasts a disntincly different flavour to its black counter-part.  A truly special culinary delight, the white truffle's spectacular marbling and pungent nose really sets it apart. As well as the delicate taste of the spring white truffle, the jewel in the crown is the Alba White from Italy, revered for its unique and aromatic flavour. 

White truffles – you'll love the exquisite taste

At Fine Food Specialist, we love scouring the planet for the very best foods, and – if they pass muster – making them easily available for our countless loyal customers to savour and enjoy. We've also forged a reputation over the years for being a fine foods supplier that goes further: adding new products and related ones to our ranges. Our white truffles selection perfectly illustrates this approach.

 A marvellous 'gift with a difference'

As well as offering you white truffles, we have available to buy white truffle oils, buttersauces, and even white truffle honey. Imagine that. Now, when preparing a delicious yet simple meal for two or as many as twenty, adding a depth of flavour is so much easier due to the availability of our white truffle products range. And thanks to their beautiful design and presentation, white truffle products from us provide a brilliant option for those struggling to think of a 'gift with a difference' to give someone special.

 White truffle salt. Tried it yet?

When it comes to fine food preparation and serving up, is there anything more exciting than discovering a new seasoning or condiment? Now, thanks to Fine Food Specialist, you can add white truffle salt from your condiments cupboard to your home-cooked dishes, or those prepared for professional sale. The salt provides that all-important extra boost of flavour just where you need it, but, due to its intense flavour, be sure to use it sparingly. When planning a special meal or preparing a lavish dinner party, there's unquestionably  something exceedingly reassuring about having some of Fine Food Specialist’s own brand white truffle salt at hand. Its magical favour can help liven up myriad mains as well as sauces, light lunches, and even breakfast.

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