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Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Experience, Fresh, +/-110g

The three finest parts of the bluefin tuna – this platter of otoro, akami and chutoro allows you to try the very best tuna on the market. The differ...
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The three finest parts of the bluefin tuna – this platter of otoro, akami and chutoro allows you to try the very best tuna on the market. The difference in texture and flavour of this stunning fish can be tasted in each different cut. The flavour of bluefin tuna is stronger than regular tuna, with deliciously flavoursome fat marbling through the tuna meat. This is a stunning platter to have for your next sushi dinner party or for a starter! The taste of the bluefin tuna is sublime on it's own, but can also be enhanced with a little two year aged soy sauce. 

Bluefin is the largest of the tunas, and can reach up to 680kg. Bluefin tuna is a prized fish (more so than Yellowfin tuna), known for it’s melt-in-the-mouth texture and stunning deep-red colour. Bluefin tuna also has the fattiest flesh of all the tuna varieties, with large flakes and a lot of flavour, making it the perfect option for sashimi and sushi dishes.

The bluefin tuna is frozen down to -60 degrees at sea, and is kept at -60 degrees here at Fine Food Specialist. This process then allows us to maintain the fish’s sashimi grade title, as any parasites within the flesh will be neutralised at this cold temperature. Please note, these fish are very fatty and will not last in their best condition in a regular home freezer for longer than 2-3 weeks, so please enjoy as soon as possible.

The ‘wild-caught farm-raised’ bluefin tuna are harvested using an ancient method called Almadraba. The large bluefin tuna are caught in the nets, as they migrate from the Atlantic into the warmer Mediterranean in the Spring months of April and May, where the fish come to spawn. The fish caught are 10-12 years old when they are at full-size, and have spawned for multiple seasons. Once they have been caught, they are taken to marine pens where they are monitored for the perfect fat content and size. The slaughter method used is a Japanese process called ike-jime, which is a quick and painless for the fish.

This method is traceable and sustainable, and all fish are caught to order, to allow a speedy freeze at sea, and maximum freshness for the customer. 


Origin: Barcelona 

NB: The sashimi must be eaten within three days of receipt – please do not refreeze.

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