Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms Are Taste Sensations

Chefs around the world value the unique flavour of honeycomb-capped morel mushrooms. They are delicious when cooked fresh with butter, cracked black pepper and salt, but they are so highly prized that the art of preserving them has been perfected over the centuries.

Welcome Springtime With Fresh Morels

Fresh morel mushrooms are a delightful sight at the start of spring. Their notable spongy and springy form are far more aesthetically pleasing than other mushroom varieties, and are much easier to notice when foraging. Varying in colour from light to dark brown, morels are deliciously nutty with a meaty, juicy flesh.  Don’t forget to wash these seasonal gems though, as their hollow bodies and deep crevices mean that sand and earth often needs removing.

 Enjoy Morels’ Deep Flavours And Colours All Year Round

Higly-prized wild morels are popular staple ingredients in dishes. Sliced along their length before cooking, delightful looking morels posesses a distinctive and unique taste. They are delicious combined with pasta cooked in a chicken stock with cream to form a rich sauce. Alternatively, enhance your morel experience with some minced onions, shallots or garlic. Add a splash of soy sauce for extra depth to the umami flavour and add a little ‘zing’ with some lemon juice. Fresh herbs will give a delightful fragrant highlight.

Morel mushrooms aren’t just for springtime - they can be enjoyed thoughout the year. Drying is the traditional way to preserve morel mushrooms particularly when dried whole, ready to use in your soups and sauces. Sweet girolles perfectly complement the earthy, subtle flavour of morels and are perfect for a mushroom risotto, so make sure you have our mushroom mix in your larder. As an alternative to drying, we also offer flash-frozen morels, ensuring that these flavour-packed seasonal gems can be enjoyed all year-round. 

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