Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini Mushrooms

A warming soup, tasty risotto or mouth-watering pasta can be a delightful dish served up as a lunchtime treat or at dinner, can't it? By adding Porcini mushrooms you can make it all the more pleasurable. How? By infusing your dish with Porcini mushrooms' wonderful nutty flavour. These mushrooms are most commonly found in Italian cuisine, but are by no means only found there.

 Porcini mushrooms are far from easy to source fresh, meaning that so many gourmet dining enthusiasts unfortunately fail to make them a must-include on their shopping lists. The good news is that Fine Food Specialist has done all the hard work for you. Here, we can offer you  an impressive selection of porcini mushroom products available to buy: items that can help you bring out that unmistakable Porcini flavour in a wide range of different dishes, as and when you need to – to please your own palate, or to satisfy the taste-buds of guests.

Flash frozen Porcini – handy

Keeping a quantity of Porcini mushrooms in your freezer is always a good idea. But don't be concerned that the freezing process will diminish texture or flavour when it comes to preparing a home-cooked dish or a restaurant meal. Flash freezing Porcini means the mushrooms are kept perfectly intact, flavour- and texture-wise, meaning you can simply take some from the freezer as and when you need to, feeling confident.

 A rich and meaty flavour you'll love

If freezing isn't quite for you, why not simply opt for fresh Porcini mushrooms instead? With a bottle of truffle oil at the ready and a chiffonade of parsley beautifully prepared, pan-frying thickly or finely sliced Porcini mushrooms (aka ceps) in olive oil, with maybe a dash of butter here and there, is quick and easy to do, with the result being everything you want from a Porcine dish: a rich and meaty mushroom dining experience, prepared in a jiffy.

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5 Item(s)

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