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Christmas Food Gift Guide 2021

Christmas Food Gift Guide 2021
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This time of year is all about indulging yourself and treating all your loved ones to the best there is. We believe that there is something rather special about sharing your favourite foods with others or discovering new ones together! Here’s a round-up of all our top luxury food gifts, sets, and hampers to put under the Christmas tree.

Gifts and sets

We offer a splendid range of gifts all over the site for you to peruse, plus a great selection of kitchen tools for home cooks to enjoy for years to come! Impress everyone at home with something special whether you’re looking for a big present or need to fill up those stockings with some fun treats.


We have some exciting products such as this beautiful Himalayan salt block, which is a fun and versatile item to have in your kitchen – it’s great for cooking steaks, serving sashimi, and plenty more for you to experiment with. There are also a great selection of knives whether you’re looking for a beautiful Japanese knife or a cheese knife for your cheeseboard. We also offer a lovely range of tableware and servers for oysters, caviar, and other luxury foods that require beautiful presentation.


Stuck for ideas? Spoil them with some gourmet milk chocolate flaked truffles or delve into our extensive Valhrona chocolate collection. These are also great stocking fillers!

Caviar tasting sets

These tasting pots are the perfect way to sample a range of our premium caviars, such as Beluga and Oscietra, to discover your favourite varieties, plus they make a great gift for a foodie with a taste for the finer things in life.

Truffle gift sets

Treat your loved ones or that special someone with one of these stunning luxury gift sets replete with everything truffle! There are several at various price points filled with a variety of exciting products such as truffle butter, truffle infused cheeses, oils, and plenty more…

Cheese platters

Gift one of these artisan cheeseboard selections and if you’re lucky they’ll share it with you! We have a couple for you to choose from such as the mixed artisan cheese tray or our French cheeseboard selection – both are filled with our best handpicked cheeses of the season and the latter includes a beautiful olive wood serving board and cheese knife to complete the luxury experience.

Stocking fillers

We have a load of new products on the site such as this truffle dust, which is a cool product to sprinkle over anything for a taste of truffle. Browse our new in section to discover the latest additions to the site!


Our indulgent collection of bespoke hampers are the ultimate gift to surprise someone rather special, and they are ideal to share amongst family and friends around the festive period. We have a great variety of gourmet goodies packed into these wicker baskets, all thoughtfully curated by Drogo, the founder of Fine Food Specialist. From caviar tasting to a valhrona chocolate experience, we have something for everyone, and we even have a build-your-own hamper for you to decide too.

Ultimate Christmas Hamper

This is the ultimate luxury food hamper which features the very best Christmastime delicacies. This stunning selection offers a smorgasbord of flavours from Tsar Nikolai smoked salmon to traditional festive glazed hams, magnums of prosecco, and more for you to delve into. This fantastic Christmas hamper has been featured in various gift guides too.

Fine Food Specialist Hamper

This hamper truly captures everything we are passionate about at Fine Food Specialist, featuring our best-selling foods such as our Tsar Nikolai premium smoked salmon, a stunning sirloin cut of Japanese wagyu, Royal Beluga caviar, and so much more. Click here to see everything included in this exciting hamper. This is a real treat for foodies!

Royal Caviar Hamper

The Royal Caviar hamper features a wonderful selection of premium caviars that will delight connoisseurs and also includes everything you need for the ultimate experience. With glass servers, mother of pearl spoons, and a bottle of champagne – all you need is some ice and someone to share this with!

Full Truffle Indulgence Hamper

Are you obsessed with truffles? This amazing hamper has everything you need to satisfy all your truffle cravings whether you love cooking with truffles or simply enjoy the taste of fresh truffles shaved over your food. Included are an assortment of our best kitchen staples such as black truffle oil, carpaccio, and a truffle salt that you will want to sprinkle over everything!

Ultimate Charcuterie Hamper

Always find it hard to curate the perfect charcuterie board? This hamper filled with our finest cured meats is the answer! We have put together some of our favourite salamis, sauccisons, sausages, and more for you to tuck into. Plus we’ve thrown in a couple of fruit mostardas to complement all those hearty meats. 

Discover more

We have loads for you browse in our Hamper section. There’s the Japanese Hamper filled with authentic staples such as aged soy sauce, noodles, and our best sake. Or you can sample our alternative caviars, a beautiful hamper filled with fine French cheeses, and even an entire hamper dedicated to Iberico Belotta. Explore here.

Gift boxes

Imagine opening one these lovely blue boxes packed with gourmet specialties! These are perfect small gifts to give to friends or as a thank you to someone special. Read on to learn more about these fantastic gift sets.

Artisan Salami Trio

This one is perfect for charcuterie enthusiasts. The box is filled with three of our best French salamis: smoked, nut, and wild-boar.

Snowdonia Cheese

We offer several of these Snowdonia cheese gift boxes. They are all packed with cheddar truckles with various flavour running through them such as truffle and crystallised ginger.

Foie Gras

There are few different gift boxes to choose from packed with Sauternes, sweet wine jellies, and more. The full Rougie set is a great all-rounder set!

Gift vouchers

If you’re truly stuck for ideas, why not pop one our gift vouchers in a loved one’s stocking this year? We offer several at various price points so you don’t have to stress about choosing the gift! Plus if you need more foodie inspiration for treating everyone at home this Christmas, check out Drogo’s Kitchen. We post recipes every week to give you recipe inspiration and ideas, stay tuned for festive recipes. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with the latest news on products and trends. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter if you prefer to receive updates via email.


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