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scallops, crab, king crab claw, lobster, and prawn spread

The Ultimate Fine Food Specialist Guide to Seafood

Here at Fine Food Specialist, we are passionate about sourcing the best ingredients and new and exciting foods. Our stunning range of seafood is a great source of pride for us, and we love being able to offer some of the finest specialist fish and shellfish to our fantastic customers. This is the Fine Food Specialist guide to seafood featuring everything from sashimi grade fish to exotic delicacies that should be on your foodie bucket list, plus our best seafood recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen. Scroll down to read more…

8 months ago
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summer truffles in glass jar

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Truffles

Here at Fine Food Specialist we take the greatest care in sourcing the finest produce from around the world to deliver straight to your door, and there is no exception when it comes to truffles. Our fine selection is imported from Italy, France, and even further afield for more niche varieties of truffles...

9 months ago
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Top 10 uses for Truffles

Top 10 uses for Truffles

There are plenty of exciting ways to make the most of your fresh white and black truffles and truffle products. Truffle and truffle-infused products such as our truffle butters and truffle oils will impart a wonderful aroma to your dishes, as well as a touch of luxury. These are our top ten ways to implement truffle into your cooking.

9 months ago
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Happy New Year from Drogo's Kitchen

Happy New Year from Drogo's Kitchen

Here's a round-up of our favourite recipes from Drogo's Kitchen for you to try out!  Featuring our best-selling ingredients...You'll want to delve into these! Level up your cooking in 2021 with us.

10 months ago
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Vegetables and Fruit in Season in October

Vegetables and Fruit in Season in October

October brings a selection of comforting autumnal flavours in earthy mushrooms, sweet pumpkins and heartier greens such as chicory and watercress. We stock some of the most exciting varieties of fruit and vegetables available including hard to find Vitellotte purple potatoes, fragrant Muscat grapes and a pumpkin that’s nurtured, heat-cured and stamped with a special marker of quality - definitely not one for carving into a Halloween lantern!

1 year ago
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Various cuts of raw meat on baking paper

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Game

Autumn means game season and the arrival of lots of new and interesting meats to play around with. The word ‘game’ defines a group of birds and wild animals, which are hunted by game specialists and prized for their full, rich flavour. Our wide selection of birds, venison, rabbit and hare are just what you need to bring some interest and excitement to a weekday meal or dinner party. 


1 year ago
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caviar on mother of pearl plates

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Caviar

We have sourced the finest varieties of caviar from Russia to Italy, farmed using innovative techniques to achieve the best taste. Peruse our comprehensive collection and you will find we cater to every occasion, from finding your personal favourites to impressing dinner party guests to treating a friend with a beautiful caviar gift. Here we will take you through all your questions about caviar and how to best enjoy this luxury foodstuff!

1 year ago
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seasonal mix of mushrooms

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the perfect way to add depth of flavour to a dish with very little effort, and at Fine Food Specialist, we stock a wide range; from earthy, meaty morels with their distinctive wrinkled caps to delicate golden chanterelles and skinny, silken enoki. Here’s our guide to working with one of nature’s most versatile ingredients.

1 year ago
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