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Black miso cod

Why Cod is the Perfect Focal Point for a Meal

Cod is such a versatile fresh fish with a mild, sweet flavour and firm, meaty texture. At Fine Food Specialist, we sell a variety of cuts and cod products such as cod tail fillets, fresh cod supremes, cod cheeks, miso-marinated cod and smoked cod’s roe. Read on for your complete guide to buying cod, and the best ways to cook it. 


2 months ago
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Seasonal Seafood You Have to Try

Seasonal Seafood You Have to Try

At Fine Food Specialist, we have a lot of fun sourcing the best seafood from all over the world and passing it onto you. We make sure to select produce at its very peak, whether it be live langoustines from the UK or frozen sashimi grade scallops from Japan. We make sure we always have a large range of seasonal seafood in stock so you can experiment in the kitchen and impress your guests. 

4 months ago
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Our Recommended Summer Seafood Selection

Our Recommended Summer Seafood Selection

The world of seafood is vast and exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating. At Fine Food Specialist, we are always thinking about choosing products when they are at their very best, so all you need to do is enjoy them. Summer seafood is a treat - light, fresh and perfect for grilling on the BBQ or enjoying with a glass of crisp white wine. Let us take you through some of our favourite summer seafood, so you can make the most of your next meal in the sunshine. 

4 months ago
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scallops, crab, king crab claw, lobster, and prawn spread

The Ultimate Fine Food Specialist Guide to Seafood

Here at Fine Food Specialist, we are passionate about sourcing the best ingredients and new and exciting foods. Our stunning range of seafood is a great source of pride for us, and we love being able to offer some of the finest specialist fish and shellfish to our fantastic customers. This is the Fine Food Specialist guide to seafood featuring everything from sashimi grade fish to exotic delicacies that should be on your foodie bucket list, plus our best seafood recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen. Scroll down to read more…

8 months ago
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caviar on mother of pearl plates

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Caviar

We have sourced the finest varieties of caviar from Russia to Italy, farmed using innovative techniques to achieve the best taste. Peruse our comprehensive collection and you will find we cater to every occasion, from finding your personal favourites to impressing dinner party guests to treating a friend with a beautiful caviar gift. Here we will take you through all your questions about caviar and how to best enjoy this luxury foodstuff!

1 year ago
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red lanterns for chinese new year celebrations

Celebrate Chinese New Year This January

Every year, there are a host of exciting events dotted throughout the calendar. These are the events that help shape every 12 months, and keep us looking forward to what’s around the corner.  But so caught up in our own worlds can we be that it’s easy to forget there are not only other worlds out there, but that there are other calendars out there as well!

2 years ago
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oysters with edible flowers

Celebrate New Year in Style with Exquisite Oysters

Another year (and decade) is coming to an end, and that means that it’s time for parties and celebrations! Whether you’re the kind of person who loves a big end of year knees up or somebody who prefers a quiet night in, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy excellent food options.

2 years ago
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mixed prawns

The Best Way To Enjoy Prawns

We all have our favourite types of luxury foods, and nothing quite matches a dish containing something you truly love the taste of and don’t get to eat every day. For many, perhaps due to the associations with holidays and sunshine, seafood is a top choice in the luxury food department. Exquisite fruits of the sea can be hard to acquire, but are so rewarding when they’re cooked to perfection and complemented by other fantastic food products. 

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Pan-fried Seabass Recipe | Drogo's Kitchen

Pan-fried Seabass Recipe | Drogo's Kitchen

Sea bass is delicious in its simplest form – seasoned and pan-fried in butter and thyme. Served with Spring sides of minted mini courgettes and crushed Jersey Royal potatoes with chives, this meal is easy to make and so tasty! The crispy skin gives a beautiful finish and can be garnished with micro herbs, such as sea purslane.

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Discover Fine Food Specialist’s range of Seafood

Discover Fine Food Specialist’s range of Seafood

There are some things in life that just go hand in hand. Jelly and ice cream for example. Or strawberries and cream. In terms of gourmet food options, the summer months and seafood are exactly the same.

2 years ago
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