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seasonal mix of mushrooms

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the perfect way to add depth of flavour to a dish with very little effort, and at Fine Food Specialist, we stock a wide range; from earthy, meaty morels with their distinctive wrinkled caps to delicate golden chanterelles and skinny, silken enoki. Here’s our guide to working with one of nature’s most versatile ingredients.

10 months ago
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A variety of exotic fruit available from Fine Food Specialist

Discover new Fruit and Vegetables this spring

Making positive additions to your food selection is what we are all about here at Fine Food Specialist. We love sourcing wonderful culinary items you’re unlikely to find in your local supermarket, and make these easy for you to enjoy. 

Providing you with the chance to try something exotic, hard to find or completely new is part of our charm we feel. This applies across our range, but with spring here, we wanted to focus on our fruit and vegetable range in our latest blog.

1 year ago
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