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Top 10 Gourmet Food Specialities

Top 10 Gourmet Food Specialities

We are passionate about gourmet food and our aim is to provide top quality produce and hard-to-find ingredients for your inner gourmet. We have scoured the globe in our search for the finest seasonal and fresh produce and luxury items to turn any meal into a feast.

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Our customers include a growing list of gourmands, chefs and die-hard foodies and we know what really excites them. Here are some of the extra-special types of gourmet food that our customers love.

Delight your inner-gourmet with our top 10 gourmet food specialities:

  1. Wagyu beef sirloin is always a firm favourite. Its natural heavy marbling delivers extraordinary texture and flavour.
  2. Lightly smoked Tsar Nikolai smoked salmon fillets melt in the mouth like butter and only need a touch of lemon and black pepper to achieve perfection.
  3. The steely blue eggs of Royal Beluga caviar are another exceptional deep, rich, buttery and salty delight.
  4. For truffle lovers, we only source the freshest Perigord or black winter truffles flown in from Umbria. Or when in season, the jewel in the crown is the highly revered Alba White, a culinary delight also from Northern Italy.
  5. We have also captured the essence of great truffle taste in our beautiful set of smoky black truffle oil and the sharper white oil.
  6. And be warned, once you've tried our sumptuous truffle crisps you’ll find them impossible to resist.
  7. Foie gras is another undoubted gourmet treat.
  8. Frozen duck foie gras slices from the esteemed Rougie can go straight into a hot pan forming a crispy outside layer whilst remaining soft and delicious inside. For pure pleasure, try our very finest duck foie gras served on warm toast or add to a delicious terrine.
  9. 'Treat-sized' quail’s eggs  are versatile and are equally  delicious hard-boiled or poached. Enjoy them on their own, in canapés or as a very special garnish for a pigeon or quail breast.
  10. For the sweet tooth,  the delicate but utterly divine salted liquid caramels in a dark chocolate casing from Artisan du Chocolat really are one of a kind.

What are your favourite dishes and ingredients for gourmet food? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below and for more gourmet food inspiration have a look around our website – there’s plenty more fine foods to choose from.    

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